Land of Radiance
Origin Kingdom Hearts: Renascentia
Stories Kingdom Hearts: Renascentia
Party Member Avira, Nerina, Demetrius

The Land of Radiance is a world debuting in Kingdom Hearts: Renascentia. It serves as the homeworld for the main characters of Kingdom Hearts: Renascentia: Avira, Demetrius, and Nerina. The world is later infested by Corruptions and consumed by darkness.


The Town

A small town located within a valley. Most of the world's population appears to reside here including Avira, Demetrius, and Nerina. The town is filled with many different businesses and homes and is the largest area within the world. Some notable locations within the town include the school in which Avira, Demetrius, and Nerina attend along with the home in which Avira lives and a main street which is known to connect all districts of the town together.

The Forest

An expansive forest located outside the town to the west. It is the favorited spot of Avira. At the edge of the forest is a large cliff which provides a perfect view of the sunset.

The Caverns

A large labyrinth of caverns located outside the town to the east. It is the favorited spot of Demetrius. As one journeys further in the caverns, large amounts of diamonds can be found embedded into the walls of the caverns. At the very end of the caverns the door to the heart of the world can be found.


Kingdom Hearts: Renascentia

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