Land of Departure
Land of Departure Logo Arcana
Origin Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep
Stories Kingdom Hearts: Arcana
Theme Music A Mark of Mastery
Battle Music Daily Training

The Land of Departure is the third World introduced in Kingdom Hearts: Arcana, as well as the first 'hub' World. It is the World where most Keyblade wielders train to become Apprentices and Masters.


The Land of Departure is one of few special worlds in the Kingdom Hearts universe that is located between the Realm of Light and the Realm of Darkness. It is set high in grassy mountains, surrounded by flowing water. The Master's Castle (マスターの城, Masutā no Shiro) is set upon one of these mountains; this is where the Masters and Apprentices reside. A Courtyard is established in front of it, with a winding stone staircase built into the slope. The Castle decreases in width as it reaches the ground, tall spires protruding from the roof; the main building bears a resemblance to Twilight Town's clock tower. Two lengths of golden chain connect the castle to twin peaks.

Down below, inset around the bases of the mountains and occasionally on the slopes is the Chaser Settlement (チェイサー決済, Cheisā Kessai), a series of buildings made to serve as living quarters for Keyblade wielders without Apprentice or Master titles, who are fittingly titled Chasers. They have the same design as the Master's Castle, only less extravagant.



Field Theme

A Mark of Mastery

Battle Theme

Daily Training


  • The Chaser's Settlement is so named as the term "Chaser" came up in Kingdom Hearts II's Secret Ending, The Gathering.

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