The Ladies Of Heart (ハートオブレディース) (Hātooburedīsu) are heroines with hearts of pure Love, devoid of Darkness. They appear to be the only people in the universe whose love is born with natural gifts. Though only a few are actual princesses, the Eight

ladies are referred by that name as the one who brings all them together to protect the forces of good and the path for peace and gain the power to reign over the worlds. Heroines who lose their hearts do not become Heartless because they have no darkness within to trigger the process. However, it is possible for the heroines to create Nobodies on special occasions, proven by the existence of Gingereena's Nobody, Queen Cinimonette.

Chosen Members

Gingereena- (from "Gingereena") The Leader of the group

Melanie- (from "Gingereena") Second-in-command of the group

Rapunzel- (from "Tangled") The princess who has the ability to heal with her magical golden hair.

Mulan- (from "Mulan") The heroine with courageous quailities

Merida-(from "Brave") The Princess of DonBroch

Pocahontas- (from "Pocahontas") The Heroine who commands the winds

Ariel- (from "The Little Mermaid") The Princess of the blue seas

Wendy- (from "PeterPan") The Heroine who explores Neverland

Esmerelda and Nikkie Mouse are your party allies. Also there are 3 Pixar heroines within the group.

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