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Lacabella Ghoneway
Type Somebody
Role Empress
Age Mid 40's
Home World Metropolia

Lacabella Ghoneway was the Empress of Metropolia until it was taken by the Heartless. She was then captured by Nexko until Kexon rescued her. She is currently in Castle Oblivion.


Early Life

Empress Ghoneway was born in Metropolia and grew up in the Palace of Eternity. She was named Lacabella after her great grandmother, who recently had died and passed the crown onto her daughter and her husband. Lacabella soon grew fond of the servents of the Palace and they of her. Young Lacabella eventually had to take up the crown when her mother was diagnosed with a rare disease and died. Her father ended up commiting suicide shortly after the funeral. Being the new Empress, Lacabella was informed about the world's heart and why it needed to be protected. Also passed down to her was the key to getting through the defenses of it, a jewel that is kept in her crown.

After a few years of being the Metropolian Empress, Lacey met a man and fell in love. They soon became married and had their first and only child, Alice. Unfortunately, Lacabella's happiness did not last long.


Lacabella's husband was diagnosed with the same disease that killed the empress's mother. Lacabella, panicking at the thought of losing another person close to her, had the top Metropolian scientists make a replica of her dying husband, without the disease in its system, so that an organ transplant could take place and save the emperor's life. The replica was completed, but it soon began to take on human characteristics, turning "it" into "he". The replica took on the name "Thorn" and escaped from Metropolia using a stolen Gummi Ship prototype. The emperor died three days later, and Lacabella was once again consumed with grief.


Lacabella has long blond hair that is usually done up in elegant curls. Being an Empress, she wears a dress at all times in order to promote a good public image. A silver crown lies on top of her head, with five different jewels embedded in it.

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