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La Lutte Pour Presque Rien
La Lutte Pour Presque Rein.jpg
Name La Lutte Pour Presque Rien
Members Official elect :

Last-minute members :
Hellius X Shadoe
Role Protagonists/Assistance
Story Kingdom Hearts Legacy

La Lutte Pour Presque Rien (無の戦い (ラ•ルット•プル•プレスク•リエン), Ra Rutto Puru Puresuku Rien?, French for "The Fight for Almost Nothing", Japanese for "Nothingness Fight") is a new organization of Nobodies with one common goal - to search for their lost hearts.

Formation and Members

La Lutte was formed through the union of Xaelus (the nobody of Saule), Hanx, Xantos and Valxoos in Twilight Town. The four Nobodies got together and made a pact to stay together in search of their hearts, six years after the fall of Xemnas and the Organization XIII at the hands of Sora.

The current members of La Lutte Pour Presque Rien are, according to rank :

  1. Xaelus
  2. Hanx
  3. Xantos
  4. Valxoos
  5. troisnyxetienne
  6. Xiggie
  7. Xahno
  8. Delacroix
  9. Reignoux
  10. Xelak
  11. Axane

La Lutte never had more than eleven members, despite the last-minute additions of Hellius X Shadoe and Xahmost in Remnant Citadel, because by then, Hanx, Xantos, Valxoos, Delacroix and Axane had died.


Contrary to popular belief that La Lutte is a band of brigands, the members of La Lutte never call themselves a neo-Organization XIII, because all of them use - or are supposed to use - peaceful methods to regain their hearts. The heartless acts of Organization XIII gave La Lutte bad publicity, and the members struggle to distinguish themselves.

The members of La Lutte seek to attain Kingdom Hearts, the life force surrounding all humanity and all worlds, as they believe their hearts rest there.


Dress code

The members of La Lutte are often identified by two uniforms:

  • a black Académie Destina blazer, along with an inner shirt with the member's name and number inscribed on it,
  • a pitch-black uniform with épaulettes and rank badges, reminiscent of that of the Académie.

The uniforms were introduced by Reignoux, the ninth member of La Lutte, after Xaelus asked about a way for the members to identify themselves. Delacroix indicated that Reignoux would come with the uniforms, simply because she knew that he had kept them "for the memories" and he wanted them to be put to good use somewhere, with friends that would care for him.

The only member who chooses not to wear the blazer on regular occasion is Xelak, who instead chooses to wear the Black Cloak. However, it can be seen that he wears the Lutte undershirt, with his number on it, and is more often than not seen wearing the blazer or uniform to formal or ceremonial occasions.