Kana キーラ、モーションの賢者
Origin Original Character
Alias Kyra, The Sage of Motion
Role Ally
Age 15
Home World The Land of Darkness
Family Edward
Henry, The Sage of Strength
Silom, The Sage of Darkness
Weapon The Power of Motion
Status Alive
"Oh my! The Village is on fire!"
—Kyra, when she discovers her home village is on fire.

Kyra, the Sage of Motion, is a fifteen year old sage from The Land of Darkness. Immensely powerful, she and her five siblings all work together to keep their world in balance. Kidnapped from her world by Maleficent, Kyra's one wish is to return to her world and restore it to it's former glory.

Journal Entries

First Entry

Immensely powerful, Kyra, one of five sages who keeps the Land of Darkness in balance, was the first of many people to be kidnapped by Maleficent. Imprisoned in a cell in the basement of Maleficent's castle, she eagerly wishes to be freed so that she can return to her own world and rescue it from the darkness.

Second Entry

A sage of immense power, she longs to return to her own world so that she can rescue it from the darkness that Maleficent has released upon it. Imprisoned in Maleficent's basement, she has overheard parts of Maleficent's plan and is already forming a plan to bring Maleficent down.

Third Entry

Now back in her own world, Kyra is doing all she can to restore her world back to it's former glory. Alone, however, she cannot do much, as she alone is not able to restore her world to it's full glory. To do that, she needs her other siblings and she is now forming a plan to find them.

Fourth Entry

Immensely powerful, she and her siblings are now attempting to restore their world back to it's former glory even though Maleficent is pouring more darkness into their world. Kyra too, like many of Maleficent's allies - despite not being one herself - knows of Sora's future, though she is refusing to tell. What does she know, and will she ever tell?



"Someone trashed my hut!" - Kyra after she sees her hut.

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