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Kyle James
Kyle James
Kana カイルジェームズ
Romaji Kairujēmuzu
Origin Kingdom Hearts: Renaissance
Alias Dorkface
Type Human
Role Protagonist
Age 19
Home World Halaka
Other residences Destiny Islands
Family Adam Stevens (fiancé)
Weapon Sword
Attribute Light
Status Alive
English Voice Zachary Quinto
"Everything really sucked for me since I came out, but thanks to you and every other person who's supported me, I'm feeling really confident and ready for anything."
—Kyle to Kaira

Kyle Andrew James is the deuteragonist of Kingdom Hearts: Renaissance.



Kyle is a slender, yet scrawny young man who stands at a height of 5'2", with slightly dark blue eyes, light fair skin, somewhat thick eyebrows, and dark brunette hair. He wears a white polo, a beige beanie, light blue denim shorts, red flip flops, and a chain bracelet.


Until he turned 12, Kyle was a cheerful and sociable person, but under his positive exterior was a fearful and shy young boy who had recently found out that he was pansexual. As soon as he came out a few weeks after his 12 birthday, he faced rejection that was so overwhelming, he isolated himself from the world. When Kaira and her family taught Kyle to accept himself for who he was, his jovial personality resurfaced.

Journal Entries



Kaira Thakur

Adam Stevens


  • Kyle is the only character to wear an accessory (a bracelet, in his case) instead of having his clothes change into a different color while being in a specific Drive Form.

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