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Kana ???
Role ???
Home World unknown; first appearance: Halloween Town
Weapon Own body and magic
Metal Chocobo
Attribute Dark
Status Deceased

Kurochi is a Heartless, but quite possibly the only one of his kind--he does not require Hearts to survive, and has not lost his heart to Darkness. Curiously, he is also the Keyblade Master of Darkness within The Nightverse, and his Keyblade is -- oddly -- the Metal Chocobo.


Kurochi's mother, while she was still pregnant, fell to the Heartless. Somehow, this would later result in Kurochi being born as the first-ever biological Heartless; he has all of their strengths, and none of their weaknesses, and is even able to USE the Keyblade.

Kurochi somehow survives by absorbing the ambient energy around him in a method similar to photosynthesis. While he is indeed a Heartless, he generally acts more like a timid eight-year-old, complete with vocabulary, total fear of causing pain and instantly crushing on any girl nearby with an even moderately cute face. However, he doesn't show any interest in Xertra, although she once stated that "minors are like drugs -- don't do 'em."


Kurochi's fighting style is normally the exact same as Sora's Anti-Form in Kingdom Hearts II, except that when fighting Heartless (and only when fighting Heartless), Kurochi can summon the Metal Chocobo Keyblade. Why he can only summon that one, nobody knows.


For an unknown reason, Kurochi is a perfect doppelganger of Anti-Sora, albeit his hair is closer to Terra's.


"Howling Moon!" (entering Lycoform)
"Screeching Flight!" (entering Myotiform)
"Creeping Death!" (entering Arachnoform)
"Terror of Eternity!" (entering Hybrid Form)


"People are always scared that I'm gonna hurt 'em. But I don't wanna hurt anybody! If they'd gimme a chance, I can prove it!"
"You... you said you weren't gonna hurt 'em!"

".... I lied, fool." (Kurochi and Xolduc, shortly before the latter kills the former)


  • Lycoform: Kurochi becomes larger, stronger, and more powerful in every way physically. His claws become sharper, and his head takes on the shape of a wolf. Unable to use magic.
  • Myotiform: Kurochi becomes a bit smaller, grows a single bat wing on his right shoulder, and his head takes the form of a bat. A bit weaker, but roughly five times faster and capable of using magic.
  • Arachnoform: Kurochi grows four spider legs out of his back which he can use to scale walls, retrieve things from a distance, and stab opponents. While running with the spider legs, roughly twice as fast as normal.
  • Hybrid Form: Kurochi grows the spider legs and the bat wing while entering Lycoform. Kurochi is now more powerful in every single way, though he cannot maintain it for long.

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