Kurai Dark
Kana 暗いダーク(Kurai Dāku)
Origin Darkness and Light
Alias Crown Prince Kurai (Darkness and Light)
Prince Kurai (Reigning Shadows onward)
Type Human
Role Antagonist
Age 12 (Darkness and Light)
14 (Reigning Shadows, Sins of the Father)
Home World N/A
Family Blaid (Father)
Ulmia Dark (Mother)
Yami Dark (Brother)
Tsuki (Nephew)
Weapon Soul Eater
Path to Darkness
Chaos Gear
Attribute Darkness
Status Alive

Kurai Dark is a supporting character in Darkness and Light.


Kurai is of medium height with bright green hair and dull blue eyes and a pale complextion. Several others have even compared him directly to Ulmia based on this, something he has expressed disdain for. He almost always wears a black coat with the hood up however so few know his actual appearance. When not wearing his black coat he is show to wear a dark blue shirt and black jean like pants. He also wears a large silver ring with a carving of a Heart on it on his left ring finger.


Kurai seems to be somewhat manipulative and cruel, however he shows that compassion and kindness are not beyond him.



  • Soul Eater - Kurai's main weapon the sword called Soul Eater. It is the same one wielded by Riku in the main series
  • Chaos Gear - Kurai's Keyblade, it takes the same form as Vanitas' Keyblade.
  • Tempus Gravitas - Kurai's ring is the Dark Relic Tempus Gravitas, which grants him limited power over the fabric of time and spacial manipulation
    • Freeze - Kurai can freeze people in time for several seconds. This power is limited in the sense that it takes inhuman levels of power to maintain it for longer than 10 seconds.
    • Float - Kurai can manipulate space to allow him to float in the air.
    • Void Maker - Kurai can manipulate time and space to create a sphere of invisible energy that evolves into a anti-matter bomb, eventually it explodes outwards in raw Telekinetic energy.


  • Chains of Darkness - Kurai can bind a person's Heart by wraping them in chains made of Darkness, which sink into them to wrap around their Heart. When the chains are in place the person can't access Heart based powers (such as Light and Darkness). The only way to free oneself is to have a will strong enough to reclaim the sealed powers. If it is used on a person with a strong will, or a being without a heart, it will have no effect.


Darkness and Light

Kurai first appears after Yami's fight with Leon. Through an unknown method he is able to incapacitate Leon and drag Yami through a Corridor of Darkness to safty. He is seen next after Yami wakes up in the Empress's throne room after the Empress, Blaid, and Sephiroth leave sitting on the Empress's throne.

Reigning Shadows

Sins of the Father

Shining Moon



Kurai's main theme is Super Kuro from Darker Than Black



  • In a similar fashion to Yami, Kurai's name is Japanese for Dark. This means his name also translates to Dark Dark.
  • Both of Kurai's main weapons are based on the weapons Riku wields.
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