Origin From Russia With Love (1963)
Type Somebody
Role Villain
Home World James Bond Universe
Weapon Gun
Status Dead
Krilencu is a SMERSH agent who has been planning to kill Kerim Bey.


We first see him planting a bomb for Keirm Bey outside his office. When the bomb detonates, Kerim and his girl are spared. While underground, Kerim, Sora and Bond spy on him at a meeting with fellow SMERSH executives. When Sora kicks a rock accidentally, Krilencu hears it and orders his men down to kill Kerim, but he survives again thanks to Sora and Bond. One night, Sora, his allies and Kerim visit a gypsy camp and 2 gypsies are about to kill each other for being wife, but it is broken up by another attempt on Kerim. Sora fights off Krilencu, defending his friend again. Determined to stop anymore attempts, Sora, Kerim and Bond plan to assassinate Krilencu before he escapes. As Kerim's sons draw him out, Kerim suggests he do the shooting. When Krilencu appears climbing down a billboard, Keirm takes the shot and kills Krilencu.

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