Origin God of War (2005)
Alias Ghost of Sparta
Type Demi-God
Role Ally
Gender Male
Alignment Greek Gods of Olympus (formerly)
New Revengers
Home World Ancient Greece (birthplace)
Other residences Midgard
Family Atreus (son)
Weapon Magic Axe, Blades of Chaos
Status Alive
English Voice Christopher Judge
TC Carson (flashbacks)
Japanese Voice Kenta Miyake
Tessho Genda (flashbacks)
Kratos is the former Greek God of War, taken from his new home in Midgard and forced to participate as a gladiator.


Kratos' personality is more or less the same as in the recent God of War game released in 2018, having better control of his anger, and being more reluctant to start a fight unless absolutely necessary. He despises having to fight in the coliseum for the entertainment of Hazel's subjects, but has to do so anyway, as it is implied that Hazel has also kidnapped his son Atreus, whom she threatens to groom into the same kind of destructive murderer Kratos once was, prior to his settling in Midgard, unless he gives in to her demands. He also addresses Sora or Ed as "boy", as he constantly does with Atreus, which even he acknowledges has become a "force of habit".


  • "Call it a force of habit, boy, but that is how I've addressed my son for as long as he can remember."
  • "No need for apologies, boy. Only improvement."
  • "You and I are more alike than you realize. We're both a couple of hot-headed fools." -to Edward Elric


  • Kratos is the only character in The Third Ragnarok who is created by a company other than Square Enix, Disney, Marvel, or Dreamworks.
    • Edward Elric comes as a close second, due to Full Metal Alchemist being published by Enix prior to their merger with Squaresoft.
  • Kratos, as of the latest God of War game, is voiced by the same person as Thor and Gladiolus Amicitia in Japan.
  • His history of having been turned into a villainous character because of Zeus' horrible actions can be likened to Ardyn Izunia, and how he only became evil because of Bahamut's selfishness, underhandedness and cruelty.

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