Name Kratos
Type of Party Member Leader
Role Protagonist
Job Class Berserker
Home World Mirage Arena
Family None
Weapon Blades of Athena
Affiliation None
Status Alive

Kratos is a party member for Johnny Madman in Dividing Lines. He is a famed warrior in the Mirage Arena.

Journal Entry

"A revered warrior in the arena, Kratos was once a Spartan general. Brutal in combat, his rage is only matched by his hatred of the gods.

He began his war with the gods in God of War (2005)."- Johnny's Journal


Act I

"Nothing can stop the God of War!"
—Kratos to Johnny and Lightning

Kratos is first seen at the end of the first tournament in the Mirage Arena. Lightning had teamed up with Johnny in hopes of making it to the fight against Kratos. After a long battle, Johnny and Lightning end up the victors. Laguna congradulates them but reminds Kratos that it was just a friendly spar, and that his status as champion is still intact. Kratos compliments Johnny and Lightning's abilities in combat and says that he hopes to fight alongside them someday.

Act II

When Johnny returns to the Mirage Arena, all is not well. A new contender by the name of Zulvan has dethroned Kratos of his champion status. No matter what contender fights him, Zulvan is unable to be beaten. Laguna believes that the Keyblade is the way to beat Zulvan. Lightning and Kratos join Johnny to fight Zulvan, but they are on the brink of being defeated until Laguna joins the battle. Ending up the victor, Johnny forces Zulvan to flee. Due to Laguna's interference, the crowds of the Mirage Arena leave, leaving the arena less than Laguna's vision. Kratos then joins Johnny alongside Lightning and Laguna as there is nothing to do until the crowds return.

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