Origin Rambo III (1988)
Type Somebody
Role Henchman, Villain
Home World Rambo universe
Weapon AKM, Brute Strength, F-1 Grenade
Status Dead
Kourov is one of Col. Zaysen's henchmen from Rambo III.


Kourov is first seen the command base of Col. Zaysen while interrogating Col. Sam Trautman for information on Stinger missile ebing sent to the Afghans to use against the Russians. Kourov prepares to torture Trautman with a flamethrower but is knocked out by Rambo and Sora. After Sora and the others escape along with other prisoners, Zaysen orders Kourov to find and kill the escapees. In a cave, Rambo, Sora and Trautman wipe out Kourov's squad and head up outside. Kourov though wounded tries to kill Rambo, but with Sora's help, the war veteran pulls the pin on Kourov's F-1 grenade on his shirt before Rambo and Sora force Kourov back down the hole dangling from the rope around his neck before the grenade goes off, blowing him to bits.


All his lines, no matter what version are translated from Russian.

  • Double the guards! Keep our prisoners in check!
  • That bastard! He made off with one of our prisoners!
  • Ha ha ha ha! There will be no victory for you this time! Not for you, or Rambo!

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