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Origin Kingdom Hearts: Shadows of The Past
Alias Princess
Type fox girl
Age late teens
Home World unknown
Family Unnamed Parents
Attribute Nature
Status Alive

Kongiku is the daughter of the ambassador of her home nation, she visited Radiant Garden as her father was making trade relations with the inhabitants, but most of all she wanted know more about the planet's beauty. Kongiku was surprise to meet the famous Keyblade wielders who defeated the Organization XIII in the past.


Kongiku is a young beautiful girl with a surprisingly well endowed body with womanly figures and surprsiingly large breasts, long white hair tied in a unique loop of her long hair and also a leaf-shaped hair pin on her head. Wearing an orange yellow kimono.


Kongiku is kind, generous and a spirited young vixen who seeks to know more of other worlds, despite her status she has shown to be a resourceful and adaptive young woman who was not afraid to get her hands dirty if it was important to help.

Being raised in a noble family, Kongiku was often sheltered and protected for her own safety, but over the years she decided to see more of the city and the people if she were to take part in the political community that affects everyone. Grown to fear and resent the Galactic Empire for it's tyranny across the galaxy and feared what they will do to her people, especially towards the Heartless from the tales she heard about them.


Shadows of The Past

Kongiku was on her way to Radiant Garden with her in hopes the people of the city and her kingdom form an alliance of the growing problem of both the Kage-Shin and the Galactic Empire. Learning about the arrival of Keyblade wielders present, she eagerly wanted to meet them that could help her of the trouble her are facing, meeting the trio from Destiny Islands Sora, Kairi, and Riku.



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