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—Knuckles to INFERNOX after "falling in love" with his bicycle in Chapter 29

Knuckles The Echinda is a hard-working, loyal ally of justice and the guardian of the Master Emerald in SRC. Knuckles is a good friend of Sonic's, as well as his first true rival; Knuckles even got his own spin-off, called Knuckles Chaotix, for the SEGA didn't go so well for our red-tinted hero.


"You can say that twice."
—Knuckles's first spoken line in SRC

In Sonic's Reality Check, Knuckles always appears with red dreadlock-styled hair and his signature red-, yellow-, and green-colored shoes with a steel grey buckle on them.


"...I'll be a good boy from now on..."
—Knuckles's first reaction to the lunchbox in Chapter 10

Knuckles is a brave young enchinda who will do what it takes to protect his friends. Like in the canon games, Knuckles has no qualms about helping his friends, although he's sometimes skeptical of assissting his enemies during times of extreme need. Knuckles also gets easily tricked, as shown in his first in-game appearance, Sonic The Hedgehog 3. Knuckles is also a good fighter, and is tasked by his ancestors to protect the Master Emerald at all costs.

Knuckles's Role

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  • Knuckles appearantly acts like a self-absorbed jerk on the 12th day of every month. The cause of this was unknown until it was revealed that (after they beat the Metarex in Sonic X) on a day that was the 12th day of that month, the Master Emerald Rick-Rolled Knuckles in revenge for being shattered at the end of Sonic X.
  • Knuckles's second design is based off of a dollmaker on deviantART created specifically for Sonic OC's.
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