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Type Raksum
Role Antagonist
Home World Isle of the Labyrinth
Weapon Unknown
Attribute Unknown
Status Deceased

Klayton is a Raksum member of the Forgotten Revolt under the influence of mind control in the second story arc of Kingdom Hearts: Blooms of Chaos.



Klayton, like Celesté, was born in a small Raksum nest. He soon formed a tight friendship with another Raksum, Monica. The two eventually fell in love, and after they both departed their nest when they came of age, Klayton proposed to her, ending in Monica's immediate acceptance. Their hopes and dreams were soon dashed, however. After seeing the hatred humans have for Raksum, Klayton and Monica realized that they'd never be able to live normal lives. Klayton, however, was able to blackmail an official of BioBall, who was forced to allow Klayton to become a referee for the sport and Monica to become an athelete. This went on for a few months until a mandatory blood test for all BioBall atheletes and officials was held. Monica and Klayton both knew that the tests would reveal that they were Raksum, a species forbidden from the sport, so they both submitted their resignations. The two of them began to travel back to the Raksum nests, when they were abushed by Thorn and his cohorts, Fuesona and Nickero, two other Raksum of their nest. The deranged trio was able to implant devices on both of the Raksum, thus stealing Monica and Klayton's freedom. The two were accepted into the Forgotten Revolt, as mindless drones. Hopelessly doing the bidding of a crazed replica.

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