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Kiyaki is a 16-year old girl. She has long, black hair that reaches down to her waist. She has dark, sleepy, purple eyes. She is tall. She has cat-ear like horns on her head. It is later on revealed at The World That Never Was that her hair is actually pink and her eyes are crimson red.


Kiyaki didn't have much of a childhood. Her father was a scientist who worked alongside Ansem. When her father figured out the code of the Heart, he was forced to keep it hidden from Ansem when he realized his evil intentions. He was forced to place that very code inside his daughter, Kiyaki. She was forced to run away, and watched her father die.


When Kiyaki first met Riku, she was cold. But as she got closer to him, she became a nicer person.

When under severe stress, or is very sad, she'll (unconciously) write the code with whatever object in her hand. When she's extremely sad, she'll release the code.

When extremely angry, nothing can stop her.

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