Origin Goldfinger (1964)
Type Somebody
Role Support Villain
Home World James Bond Universe
Status Dead

Kisch was one of the henchmen of Auric Goldfinger.


Kisch is first seen when Bond and Sora are captured. After getting Goldfinger to let them live, Kisch knocks them out with a tranquilliser and orders the 2 on the flight to Kentucky. After a meeting with gangers, Kisch gases the gangsters to death with Goldfinger's Delta 9 gas. He later brings the 2 captive heroes to meet Goldfinger over the Grand Slam plan. When the operation begins, the villains fail to notice the unconscious soldiers and Sora's other allies. When the plan goes wrong, Goldfinger locks Kisch, Oddjob, Sora and Bond in the vault of Fort Knox. Kisch tries to race to disfuse the bomb, but Oddjob tosses him to his death.

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