Kana きら
Origin Unknown
Type Human
Role Ally
Age Unknown
Home World Traverse Town
Weapon Sword
Status Alive

Kira is a character appearing within Kingdom Hearts: Reloaded. Kira's primary role in the story is to explain to Houka the importance of wielding the Keyblade and what Houka's purpose is, Kira also introduces to Houka what the Heartless are and what they do within the universe. Kira is a swordsman whose world was wiped out, causing him to be sent to Traverse Town which is a haven for those whose worlds have been destroyed by the darkness.


Kingdom Hearts: Reloaded

Kira makes his first appearance in Kingdom Hearts: Reloaded during the Prologue when Houka first awakes in Traverse Town after finishing his Awakening. Kira finds Houka wandering around the town and carelessly into the Second District, when Houka is attacked by Heartless, Kira rushes into and defeats the Heartless rescuing Houka from certain doom. Kira, after discovering that Houka wields a Keyblade points him in the right direction, informing about the weapon he wields and the threat that is the Heartless.


Kira's exact age is unknown but from what people can tell about him is that he is a very mature person. Kira always understands the importance of a situation before anything and decides that the important a situaiton is, the more seriously it should be taking. Kira does have a sense of humor, he just rarely shows it.


Kira is a young man in appearance standing at five foot eight inches with an average body build. Kira has silver hair and wears a tan kimono-like style of dress and carries with him a sword as he is a samurai.

Powers and Abilites

Swordsmanship: Kira is a master samurai therefore he is a mastery of swordsmanship as well. Kira can utilize many different techniques with the sword that he uses in combat and is adept at many kids of 'hacks' and 'slashes'.



In the short amount of time he knew Houka in Kingdom Hearts: Reloaded, Kira became a rather close ally of the young Keyblade Wielder. Kira was able to inform Houka of exactly who he was now and what his destiny was, leading him in the correct direction. It is shown that Houka quickly developes a great respect for Kira and his fierce power.


  • "I'm Kira, that'll be the last fact you learn."
  • "Move out the way."
  • "Hiyahsu!"


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