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Kingdom Key ♄
Kingdom Key ♄
"A Kingdom Key wielded by Anthony to questionable ends. it has average strength and reach."
Strength Magic
3 1
Anthony DiNotte

The Kingdom Key ♄ is the starting Keyblade for Anthony. He wields it in a manner like Sora, but prefers a hit-and-run technique instead of Sora's more gung-ho approach. It sports the same design as the other Kingdom Keys, but instead of gold or silver, this Keyblade sports a black blade and a purple guard.


In the ancient Keyblader's Library, Anthony finds a book which describes how each Kingdom Key fits into the workings of the universe. He is horrified to find out that the purpose of his Kingdom Key is to unlock the Darkness held within Kingdom Hearts so that it overruns all worlds; however, the page is torn in half, and he cannot tell what it might have said. Later, he finds out that that his is the Keyblade of Death and Rebirth, and that by releasing the Darkness, he would have, in effect, reversed the Realms of Light and Darkness (thankfully, he doesn't).

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