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Kingdom Key Ω
(Kingdamu Cheinu Omega)
Kingdom Key Ω
"A Kingdom Key wielded by Alex with varied results."
Strength Magic
3 1
Alexis LaReine

Kingdom Key Ω is the starting Keyblade for Alex. She wields it in a manner like Roxas, but prefers magic-infused attacks instead of Roxas' more fast-paced style. It sports the same design as the other Kingdom Keys, but instead of gold or silver, this Keyblade sports a white blade and a red guard.


At the Keyblader's Library, there is a book which describes how each Kingdom Key fits into the workings of the universe. Alex finds out that her Keyblade was made in order to eradicate Darkness from every world and every person. However, she doesn't fulfill this purpose because she knows it would cause an imbalance between Darkness and Light.

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