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Kingdom Key Ψ
(Kingdamu Cheinu Sai)
Kingdom Key Ψ
"A Kingdom Key wielded by Lily with confidence-boosting results."
Strength Magic
3 1
Lily Marina

Kingdom Key Ψ is the starting weapon for Lily Marina. She wields it in a manner much like Aqua, but prefers a "draw-in or defend" strategy as opposed to Aqua's outright offensive magical style. It sports the same design as the other Kingdom Keys, but instead of gold or silver, this Keyblade sports a blue blade and an aquamarine guard.


In the ancient Keyblader's Library, Lily finds a book which describes how each Kingdom Key fits into the workings of the universe. She has her interest piqued when she finds out that hers is destined to protect the innocent. Later, she fulfills this purpose when she uses her Kingdom Key to defeat Cleo's Remnant, thus protecting the worlds from her left over blind fury and untamed hatred.

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