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I Wish to go back to those days

beautiful man of red

Demon sings this song.


There once was a beautiful man of red he was very beautiful. He loved red very much giving him the nick name of The beautiful man of red. He lived in a peaceful town he loved Red very much so much so went mad. He killed everyone in the town watching as there was blood everywhere. He was the man of red who went insane. He gained the nickname of the Demon of Red. He put on a black cloak under the black cloak is the color red. Since then when he goes out he wears red right before he is going kill.


Alex and his family sing this song.


I wake up in this black room no light can be seen. I'm i alone in this Black room? (ghost's part) Boy you have made crimes in the world. You must face life like you are and fix everything. (Alex's part) How do i fix what i have done? I made a mess maybe if i had stayed in the book this would not have happen. (Ghost's part) Go back in time i will send you there. Fix everything you messed one by one. And i will let you live again. (Alex goes back in time and his part) I'm back home again i must fix time here at the start so we lose are power. (Alex remembers Cynthia and everything that has happen) If i do it now then i won't see her again or i won't see my son again. Now is not the time i will do it before we fight that way i see them again. (Bluebell's part} Here i am in this Blue room alone. Is anyone there i wonder i only see the water in the Blue room. (Ghost's part) You must help your family go with them help them fix everything. And you will get life again. (Bluebell meets up with Alex (They both sing) We will make it right and we will fix everything so we can live again in peace. In a world where we will have peace.


The changes made are Alex enters the Data book at a younger age. Alex does not talk to the Girl of hearts or help them he uses a Fire ball to kill the Heartless.


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