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Kingdom Hearts Symphony of Memories
KHSoM Logo.png
キングダムハーツ シンフォニーオブメモリーズ
Kingudamu Hātsu Shinfonī obu Memorīzu
Developer(s) Nex Games
Genre Action RPG
Game Modes Single Player

Kingdom Hearts Symphony of Memories is a fan-made sequel to the Kingdom Hearts series created by Nex Games in April 2010. The story takes place years into the future after Kingdom Hearts III.



Sune, wearing the Black Coat, is seen walking along a long road through grassy plains. He was then stopped by three roads, the road to light, darkness and dawn. After thinking it through, he chose to take the road to light. The road led him to a forest where he was attacked by Neoshadows. Sune summoned his Keyblade and fought the Heartless. After he defeated all of them, a man in a Black Coat appeared. Sune attacked the man, but the attack had no effect. The man then disappeared in thin air and reappears at Sune's back. He then attacked Sune by an orb of darkness. After Sune was hit, he lost consciousness. So the man took Sune and brought and left him to the town nearby. Sune then woke up, remembering nothing but his name, in a room. There he met a girl named Nanaly and Keldric.


Battle System

  • Deck Commands - Deck Commands replace the Battle Commands. As well as Reaction Commands.
  • Dimension Link - Dimension Links replace Summons.
  • Command Style - Command Syles replace Drive Forms.
  • Shotlock - Shotlock, or Shootloack in Japanese, is a targeting system featured in the game.


  • Command Board - Command Board is a board game created as a mini-game.

Under Development...

Worlds and Characters

Arena of Fantasies
Castle Oblivion
Carona Kingdom
Radiant Garden
Shadow VIII Castle
Twilight Town (SoM)


  • Concept Artist(s) and Arts
  • Name of the unknown town
  • Members of Shadow VIII
  • Stories
  • Keyblades



  • The title of this game was originally supposed to be "Symphony of Sorrows", but it was changed due to the importance of memories in the plot.
  • Some characters like Pinnochio and Final Fantasy XII cast should have made an appearance but we're remove due to the creation of the game.
  • Yuna here will appear as a human.