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This is a page containing a list of Kingdom Hearts Legacy articles in need of expansion and cleanup due to the change we are making to the story. Note that some of the articles have yet to be created.

Characters and Worlds in need of Creation/Expansion/Update

Saule and Aiden's Homeworld

Radiant Garden

La Lutte's Base

Remnant Citadel

Kami's castle

Twilight Town

Castle Oblivion

The World that Never Was

Icy Lands

Shrine City

Nottingham (KHL)

The New World (KHL)

Atlantica (KHL)

Groovy Empire (KHL)

Neverland (KHL)

Metroville (KHL)

Pride Lands (KHL)

Prydain (KHL)

Notre Dame (KHL)

Enemies in need of Creation/Expansion/Update




Other stuff in need of Creation/Expansion/Update

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