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Kingdom Hearts Legacy
Kingudamu Hātsu Regashī
Developer(s) Tipero
Genre Online RPG
Game Modes Single Player

Kingdom Hearts Legacy is a fan-made sequel to the Kingdom Hearts series created by Tipero around January 2009 with much help from Troisnyxetienne, Xiggie and Xahno. The story takes place some time after Kingdom Hearts II, and the fall of Organization XIII at Sora's hands.


Kingdom Hearts Legacy is a three-part story which has multiple endings. You, the player, will begin in Part One: Dark Chasm, and you have the choice of either helping the Keybladers Saule and Aiden, or assist Lord Kami take them down. The choice is up to you!

Prequel - Knights of the Terrestrial Order

Knights Of The Terrestrial Order is the prequel to the entire KH Legacy Universe. It takes place about 10 years before the events of Kingdom Hearts Legacy: Dark Chasm. It features some characters from Nomura's original games such as Sora and King Mickey. This leads into how Lord Kami, or Olet then, became so bad.

A new force from a very distant domain, called the Ethereal had arisen. A guild was formed in response, populated of knights that are worthy enough to be called Keybladers. They wielded artificial (fake) Keyblades and swore to protect the worlds from this impossible harm.

There is a novelized adaptation of these events which can be found on the Legacy site. The chapters are listed below.

Part 1 "The Beginning" - Dark Chasm

Dark Chasm is where the Legacy-canon began (aside from the Prequel). The main characters Aiden and Saule, both Chosen Keybladers, start their adventure at 14 and 15 and begin to realize the struggle they have set before them.

Players can make a character here that either can help the main characters or assist Kami and his evil empire.

Part 2 "Intermission" - Rebirth

Rebirth. At this time, Saules Nobody, Xaelus, was already under Xelot's wing and on Kami's side. Xelot left to fight Aiden with Brazix leaving Remnant Citadel to Xaelus. Xaelus goes in search of some fun back in "his home world", Twilight Town. There he finds two powerful Nobodies, teenagers, and decides to have some fun.

Part 3 "The End" - The Showdown of Fates

The Showdown of Fates takes place one year after Dark Chasm. Here you (the player) can take your choices for good or evil even further. Aiden and Saule search for people to help them take care of Kami. They find a hopeful group but still need more help. You are able to join them, or trick them and warn Kami about there plan. The choice is up to you.



Assistance (good)

Assistance (bad)

Assistance (Either)