Kingdom Hearts IV is a Game of Kingdom Hearts Series. It's Sora New Adventures After Kingdom Hearts III is Releashed. The Worlds is Always Be Disney, Nintendo, Sega, Don Bluth, Warner Brothers, & Square Enix.


  • Destiny Island
  • Moonlight City
  • Agrabah (Aladdin & The King of Theves)
  • The Greeny Jungle (Disney's The Jungle Book)
  • Chicken Coop City (Chicken Little (1943) )
  • Baker Street (The Great Mouse Detective)
  • Nimh (The Serect of Nimh)
  • Icy Lands (Pebble & The Penguin)
  • Russia (Anastasia)
  • Prehistoric Landscapes (Land Before Time)
  • Mushroom Kingdom (Super Mario)
  • Dreamstalk: Royal Road (Kirby Triple Deluex)
  • Venom (Star Fox)
  • Kanhto (Pokémon: The First Movie, Red & Blue, & Yellow)
  • F-Zero Race Crouses Grand Prixe (F-zero)
  • Kingdom of Fire Swords (Fire Emblem)
  • Fun World (Alex Kidd)
  • Planet Mobius (Sonic The Hedgehog)
  • Monkey Jungle (Monkeyball)
  • Dream World (Nights)
  • Chu Chu Planet (Chu Chu Rocket)
  • Waner Brothers Studios (Looney Tunes & Animanicas)
  • Coolsville (Scooby Doo)
  • Hollow Bastion
  • The World That Never Was
  • Keyblade Graveyard (Final World)
  • Yen Sid's Tower (Cutscene Only)
  • Traverse Town (Juilius Monster Boss Battle Only)
  • Midgar (Final Fantasy)
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