After Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance,Sora Stay in Destiny Islands until Darkness Void Suck up Destiny Islands Then Sora's in Distance Kingdom The World is Distance enough to go to the castle.


  • Destiny Islands
  • Distance Kingdom
  • Riadent Garden
  • Twilight Town
  • Un-Tamed Man Jungle of Rythem (Jungle Book) [Baloo] {Shere Khan,Kaa,Heartless Boss}
  • Prydian (Black cauldrion) [Taran] {Horned King}
  • Nottingham (Robin Hood) [Robin Hood] {Sheriff of nottingham,Heartless Boss}
  • Pride Land (Lion King 2) [Kovu or Simba] {Nuka,Zira,Nobody Boss}
  • Monkey Ball Froest (Super Monkey Ball) [Aiai] {Final Boss of Super Monkey Ball,Heartless Boss}
  • Mobius (Sonic The Hedgehog) [Sonic The Hedgehog] {Dr.Eggman,Metal Sonic,Meplhies the dark,Biolizard}
  • Ant Island (Bug's Life) [Flick] {Thud,Hopper,Brid,Hedgehog Heartless Boss}
  • Scouttish Kingdom (Brave) [Merilda] {Mor'du}
  • Berk (How to traind your Dragon) [Hiccup] {Dragon Heartless Boss}
  • Desert of Hunger/Jungle of Odd/New Beachy World (The croods) [Eep & Guy] {Grug,Heartless Boss}
  • Game Centeral Station <GCS/Sonic the fighters/Street fighters II/Fix it fliex jr./Hero's dusty/Sugar Rush/Pac-man/Super Mario Bros.> (Wreck it ralph) [Wreck it ralph] {Sour Bill (Normal & Musclar Form),King Candy/Trubo,King Cy-Bug,Bowser,Dr.Eggman,M.bison,Mother Cy-Bug}
  • Digital World (Digimon) {Heartless Boss}
  • Poke'Kingdom (Poke'mon) [Ash's Pikachu (Formly)] {Mewtwo,Zoroark}
  • Gravity Falls (Gravity Falls) [Dipper] {Gideson}
  • Porkbelly (Johney Test) [Dukey] {Bling-Bling Boy}
  • The World That Never Was [Riku] {Xemneas,Ansem,Seeker of darkness,Young Xenahnort & Master Xenahnort,Nobody Boss}
  • Dive into Hearts {Darkness Sora}

7 Princesses of Hearts

  • Atta (Bug's Life)
  • Amy Rose (Sonic The Hedgehog)
  • Sissy (Johney Test)
  • Snow White (Disney's Snow white & the seven drawfs)
  • Maid Marien (Disney's Robin Hood)
  • Zelda (The Ledgen of Zelda)
  • Wendy (Gravity Falls)

7 Starlight Princes of Brave Hearts

  • Flick (Bug's Life)
  • Sonic The Hedgehog (Sonic The Hedgehog)
  • Alex The Lion (Madagascar)
  • Jack Frost (Rise of The graudians)
  • Link (The Ledgen of Zelda)
  • Mario Mario (Super Mario)
  • Robin Hood (Disney's Robin Hood)

Side Worlds of Raident Gardens

  • MultiVerse of Elmore (Amzing World of Gumball) [Richard Watterson] {Foot print Rubber}
  • 100 Arcar Woods (Winnie the pooh (2012)) {The Backson}
  • Merry Froest (Tom + Jerry:Robin Hood & His Merry Mouse) [Robin Hood & Jerry] {Prince john}
  • Book Of Dansville (Disney's Phineas + Ferb) [Agent P] {Dr. Doofshimirtz}
  • The grid (Tron) [Tron] {Sark & MCP}
  • Knote Hole/Robotroplis (Sonic Satam) [Classic Sonic] {Dr.Jillain Robotnick Primde}
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