Featured Users is a place to recognize the hard-working editors that make this wiki such a wonderful place. The rules and guidelines are always a work-in-progress; if you have suggestions, please leave them on the Talk Page.

Nomination Guidelines

So, what makes a user eligible for nomination? Here are the guidelines:

  • The user should be obviously hard-working. Any sort of edits, from spelling corrections to full page rewrites are acceptable, as long as the user makes quality edits.
  • The user should not vandalize, or maliciously violate the policies of this wiki. The user should especially not edit other users' stories/articles without permission.
  • Nominations should put emphasis on the user's edits for the last month. While a user's lifetime edits should certainly be taken into account, it should be possible for a hard-working "newbie" to be the Featured User, if they outshine other editors in that month.
  • If the nominations for a single user become extremely redundant, the nominator will be asked to refrain from nominating for several months.


Each registered editor can make one nomination or seconding; they must put their vote and signature, (~~~~) underneath the nominee of their choice. If you want to explain what it is about the user that makes you agree with the nomination, just add a comment as if you were posting on a talk page. Please don't vote for yourself.


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