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These users, for whatever reason, have proved themselves worthy to be a part of this wiki's Staff.

We are looking forward to more editors to join the Staff!

The users in red italics are our inactive staff members. While some of them can still be contacted, they no longer make consistant contributions to this wiki.


The wiki's staff consists of Administrators and Bureaucrats.

Administrators can block users, delete and undelete pages and blog comments, protect pages and files, edit protected pages, move files, and other actions for the purpose of maintenance and protection of articles. Bureaucrats are administrators who, in addition to these rights, can also change user rights. Bureaucrats are listed on the admin table in a goldenrod text.

We're looking to expand our current active staff. If you wish to be considered, be sure to be consistently involved on the wiki!

Retired Staff

Find all the people who have made this wiki what it is today here. This wiki was founded by MechaUltimaZero, who, while he may not be active on the wiki, permanently retains his administrator and bureaucratic rights.


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