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Due to the popularity of the Kingdom Hearts franchise, Kingdom Hearts fans have created a community that wants to expand upon the series through their own creative means, including fanmade games. There have been a few that have been created or are in development, including Kingdom Hearts:Destiny Islands, Kingdom Hearts:Shattered Memories, Kingdom Hearts Battle System and more!

Kingdom Hearts:Destiny Islands

Kingdom Hearts:Destiny Islands is a fanmade game by Nicky Lee, who has developed a fangame before. In this game, the story is set around Kairi and her stay in Destiny Islands as she awaits Sora's return. There she will be able to interact with old and new characters, find a possible new love interest (supposedly Tidus according to the Kickstarter page), and more according to the developer.

The new elements that were created and haven't been added to the series includes a hunger/thirst system and having a consistent munny/job system in order to buy food and weapons. 

The Kickstarter for the game was made in August 19, 2016, but was cancelled on September 18, 2016. It is unknown as to whether the whole project was cancelled or is in-development. According to the YouTube Channel NIKO SKIPZ, "This project has been Delayed. Not canceled, but delayed due to this project conflicting with my other game I'm working on. Once AMONG THE DEAD ONES is finished, I will continue to develop this one"[1]


A screenshot of the Kingdom Hearts:Destiny Islands startup screen.



A short reveal of KingdomHearts:DestinyIslands by NIKO SKIPZ (as of 9/25/18 the video has been put on private).

Kingdom Hearts:Shattered Memories

Kingdom Hearts:Shattered Memories is a fanmade game by SubjectULTIMA. The game features a new main character named Umbra, and the developer created other characters that will be featured in the game. On the Kingdom Hearts:Shattered Memories website, it was also revealed that Roxas will be featured in the game. The game will also include new worlds, weapons, Heartless color variations, and even an "Unknown Darkness" that has not been revealed.

A demo logo created by SubjectULTIMA.

Character List

Character Name: Character Details: Added Character Information:
Umbra Age: 15

Hair: Black

Personality: Energetic, Cautious, Friendly

"Umbra inherited his Keyblade from his father, Shedo. Umbra Is Enia's best friend"[2]
Roxas Age: 15

Hair: Blonde

Personality: Serious, Aggressive but Friendly

"Nobody of Sora, but the others don't know that..."[3]
Kani N/A N/A
Jaxson N/A N/A
Enia Age: 15.

Hair: White

Personality: Sweet, Nurturing, Tough

"A sweet and kind girl from The Land of Fragments. She and Umbra grew up together from birth. 15 Years later, Monsters started appearing from Black holes from the grounds and walls. Enia and Umbra tried to fight them off, but Umbra got sucked into one of the Black holes. Separating them both"[4]
Mysterious Figure N/A "Not much is known about him. Other than he's up to something..."[5]


  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8/8.1
  • Windows 10

Game Updates

An Update in 2017 by SUBJECTUltima stated that they "revealed the game WAAAY too early, [and that] it may take years before this is done"[6]

Kingdom Hearts Battle System (BS)

Kingdom Hearts Battle System (BS) Game is a RPG fangame created by diogoshx and uploaded onto Newgrounds on February 7, 2010. The game starts right after the end of Kingdom Hearts II, and features Sora and his friends receiving a letter from King Mickey.

According to, the game has received 36,898 views with a rating of 3.69/5.00.


The game starts with Sora, Riku, and Kairi reading the letter that King Mickey has sent them. They must save Terra from the Darkness, and Riku runs immediately to go see the King with Sora running after him. As he runs Heartless come to attack, and so Sora fights the Heartless as he chases after Riku.

As Sora chases after Riku, Organization XII member Luxord appears in his path. Sora asks why he is still alive, and Luxord states it is because of the Ortigamy. Once defeated, he disappears and Selphie comes to give Sora reassurance.

Sora goes to the Heart of the World to see Tidus protecting it from Sora. He is worried about Heartless arriving when the door opens and thus the safety of his home. He attacks Tidus and apologizes to him as he leaves the world.

When Sora opens the door, he battles Roxas before traveling to Twilight Town. Once defeated, Sora meets Olette, Pence and Hayner. They warn him of Maleficent's presence at the mansion, and so the player can choose whether to fight Maleficent or not. After the player's choice is made, they are able to travel to Halloweentown.

The game continues this trend of battling different Kingdom Hearts characters in each world. At Halloweentown, the Keyblade wielder must battle Oogie Boogie before traveling to Olympus Colosseum. At the Colosseum, the player can choose whether to battle Sephiroth, Ice Titan or Sori, a new character created by diogoshx. If the player wants, they can leave the world at anytime and continue on with their journey. The final stop is Castle Oblivion.

At Castle Oblivion, Sora finally catches up to Riku. Riku tells Sora that the Ortigamy is somewhere in the castle, but their conversation cannot continue because of the arrival of Marluxia. Riku tells Sora to go on without him, and so he leaves as Marluxia and Riku battle. The next room has a crystal in the middle of it, and a dialogue box asks the player whether they want to touch it or not. Touching it results in being sent to a different dimension with Terra in his battle costume. He questions Sora about his demise, and Sora along with the three fairy godmothers from Sleeping Beauty fight Terra. Once defeated, Sora is at Castle Oblivion once again and finds a bloodied Marluxia on the ground with Riku struggling to stand. Riku tells him that they must continue on, but then faints. In the next scene, the two are at the Realm of Dawn, with Riku being completely healed. He thanks Sora for saving him and taking care of the Ortigamy. The Door to Light then appears, and the two decide to go back home.

The game ends with the caption "And so our Heroes Adventures are Finished...or it's Just a Start?" followed by the credits.


The player plays as Sora throughout the fangame. The character moves automatically, and the only time the player is able to control Sora is during battles. When a battle sequence occurs, the player must use their mouse to click on either "attack", "cure", or "magic" when the "OK" symbol pops up. If the player does not click fast enough on whichever command has an "OK" next to it, than the enemy is able to attack Sora. After a battle Sora gains different experience points, such as HP, Attack, and Combo points.

When meeting Selphie after Luxord's battle, Sora is able to use the Valor form.

Character List

Kingdom Hearts Characters:

Character Name: Character Details: Added Character Information:
Sora Age: 14-16

Hair: Brown

Personality: Aloof,

Heroic, Caring, Selfless

The protagonist and main hero of the Kingdom Hearts franchise, along with this fangame.
Riku Age: 15-16

Hair: White/Silver

Personality: Protective, Strong, Selfless, Fearless

Sora's best friend who is also a Keyblade wielder.
Roxas Age: 14-16

Hair: Dirty Blonde

Personality: Mature, Kind, Short-Tempered, Blunt

Though not mention in this fangame, Roxas is the Nobody of Sora.
Hayner Age: N/A

Hair: Blonde

Personality: Impulsive, Determined, Adventurous, Short-Tempered

A resident of Twilight Town and one of Roxas' good friends.
Pence Age: N/A

Hair: Black

Personality: Intelligent, Friendly, Even-Tempered

A resident of Twilight Town and one of Roxas' good friends.
Olette Age: N/A

Hair: Brown

Personality: Kind, Caring, Friendly

A resident of Twilight Town and one of Roxas' good friends.

Final Fantasy Characters:

Character Name: Character Details: Added Character Information:
Tidus Age: N/A

Hair: Blonde

Personality: Cheerful, Self-Confident

A resident of Destiny Islands who is originally from Final Fantasy X.
Selphie Age: N/A

Hair: Light-Brown Hair

Personality: Carefree, Outgoing

A resident of Destiny Islands who is originally from Final Fantasy VII.
Auron Age: N/A

Hair: Dark Gray

Personality: Strong, Silent

Within the fangame, Auron is seen in Halloweentown, although he is originally seen in the Underworld in Kingdom Hearts II. He is originally from Final Fantasy X.
Sephiroth Age: N/A

Hair: Silver

Personality: Cold, Calculating, Ruthless

In the Kingdom Hearts series, Sephiroth is a nemesis of Cloud, and is seen as a "manifestation of his own darkness"[7]. He is originally from the game Final Fantasy VII.

Disney Characters:

Organization XII Characters:

New Characters:

  • Sori: No Information can be found about this character



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