—"The heart is the ocean that is vast and contain many deep secrets ...."- anonymous
Kingdom Hearts 3D2: Another Side, Another Story
Developer(s) Poopdog,Non-Disney,Disney & Sqaure Enix
Genre Action RPG
Game Modes Single-Player,Wi-fi Multiplayer

Kingdom Hearts 3D2: Another Side, Another Story is a fanmade story created by Poopdog106, taking place after Kingdom Hearts: Coded and during Kingdom Heart 3D: Dream, Drop, Distance. It's about a boy named Uriah Thomas, who goes on adventure to save his world and figures out the truth about his world and his meaning.




The story starts out in a dream, that is dreamt by Uriah. In the dream, he's in the wasted land, with a bunch of key-like items on the ground. He found three objects in the middle; a sword, a shield, and staff. he picked the sword, then he sees a mysterious off in the distance. The world started to crumble and Uriah woke up.
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