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Aqua s Journey by jacobyel

The title

Kingdom Hearts 3: Aqua's Journey takes place during Kingdom Hearts 3: Rise of Chimera. It involves around Aqua as she faces new enemies like the Chimera with the help of new friends (Disney, Warner Bros. Nickelodeon, Dreamworks, Don Bluth, 20th Century Fox, Anime, Various others and OCS). She will even travel in time (Bartok the Magnificent).


The story begins as Aqua and Ansem the Wise are waiting for Sora to release them from the Realm of Darkness but little did they know, they're going to be save by some unexpected heroes. Then it skips to Jelliena in the city of Jelliepolis, the home of Marco Bellies and his family. It was Marco's last day of school and they're getting ready for a camping trip in Lake Charles but Marco just got a call from the F.R.F.V.C (Ferocious Rangers For Villain's Capture), his secret agency that his old-time enemy, Lord Dr. Nightmare is planning to use strange creatures to take over Jelliepolis. When Marco got to Nightmare's lair, he felled into a trap. After a fierce battle between them, Nightmare successfully defeated Marco and send him to another dimension. While Marco was being transported to another dimension, he encountered two other beings, Oswald and Felix. Felix explained to Marco that he was being sent to another dimension by The Duke of Zill and Oswald told Marco that he was sent to another dimension while defending his homeland, The Cartoon Wasteland from the Phantom Blot and the Mad Doctor, which ironically that Nightmare, The Duke, The Phantom Blot and Mad Doctor will be comrades to Mephiles but Nightmare will have plans to overthrow him.


  • Weried earth "Lance the young's erika's new perfume"

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