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Kingdom Hearts; Beware the Eclipse
Developer(s) KrspaceT
Genre Action, Adventure, Humor
Game Modes Normal, Proud, Critical

Plot summary

In this game, you take control of a large variety of characters, each hailing from multiple worlds across a new universe, connected but still otherwise new. The main antagonist in the game is Eclipse. She has the strange ability to steal powers from heroes and villians alike, and appears to be amassing them for some purpose. After she attacks Roxas, his daughter Haku embarks on a journey, using his old gummi ship, in order to take revenge, aided by mysterious hints from the enigmatic Emissary

Original/ Main Characters

Eclipse, a mysterious female warrior, whose cloths and vizor hide most of her identity but her auburn hair. She can steal the powers of beings, but naturaly can attack with orange light and can oddly cause the moon and sun to be eclipsed. She has a strong connection to the world, Olympian Manhattan.

Haku; The daughter of Roxas and Namine, Haku has a twin brother named Ranpu. Her family is very close, so when the mysterious Ecilpse attacks and steals her father's keyblades, she begins to hunt her down for revenge. She has inherited the ability to wield the keyblade from her father, as well as a general inability to use computers and anger issues. She has a lot of her mother's looks, but her father's hair.

The Emissary; A mysterious male entity who carries a staff, the Emissary appears and disappears at various points in the series, aiding Haku in her quest. He appears to have some sort of connection to Eclipse. His brown, raggy cloths hide his appearence. His staff has many magical properties


Twilight Town; The world in which this story begins, this is the homeworld of Haku.

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