In the near future of the Kingdom Hearts universe, many heroes and villains lay dead. One dead body is Goffy laying lifelessly near Clarabelle Cow. A pile of Kairi's bones lay beside the two halves of Donald's body. Then in the distance, we see two men fighting. After a bloody fight, a keyblade flies up and the young man Sora falls down. He was fighting Shao Kahn, Emperor of Outworld.

  • Shao Kahn:(first lines of the game)Where are the gods of your world now Sora?

Shao Kahn picks up the helpless Sora.

  • Shao Kahn:Their laws of worlds no longer hold me back!

He punches Sora rapidly and then throws him to the ground.

  • Shao Kahn:(stomping on Sora and holds his Wraith Hammer in his right hand)My venom spreads. It is the end of all things... Armageddon comes!
  • Sora:No! this was not meant to be the-

Shao Kahn cuts him off by punching the young boy in the stomach, Sora responds by spitting in the emperor's face. Angered, Shao Kahn throws Sora again.

  • Shao Kahn:At last, now is the time of my rule. I will control the entire universe. Your time has passed Sora.

Desperate, the dying Sora grasps his Keyblade and begins to send a message in a language the emperor cannot understand.

  • Shao Kahn:Yes Sora. Pray to the worms, as the world ends with you.
  • Sora:(after much of his untranslated message)He must win!

After Shao Kahn strikes Sora, we are then treated to a blue energy tunnel (song: Crush 'Em all from dynasty Warriors 7 (opening version)), first with Koei-Tecmo and Square Enix presents... Kingdom Hearts: Visions of the Future. In this tunnel, we are shown images of the adventures in the game, Sora will be giving to someone. There is also opening credits in the tunnel of visions. After the opening, we see Cao Cao waking from his sleep.

  • Cao Cao:Father! *looking around* Hmm Just a dream I had. *he looks at his amulet his father Cao Song gave him and sees a crack in it* The last thing I need for my sleep, my father's amulet ruined.

Famed Wei officers come in to check on Cao Cao.

  • Xiahou Dun:Cao Cao! What happened!?
  • Xu Zhu:Did you have a nightmare again?
  • Cao Cao:I can't remember the dream.

A vision of Sora meeting Mickey for a new visit is shown. It then goes back to Cao Cao's bedroom.

  • Cao Cao:I seemed to have been given a vision. We'll need to find the source of this dream I had. Dian Wei!
  • Dian Wei:Yes my lord?
  • Cao Cao:Wake up the others and tell them we are going on an "expedition".
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