Kingdom Hearts: Unbound Destiny is a fanmade story created by Wacko Productions X taking place after Kingdom Hearts: Coded. Yes its been awhile since I last updated this story (like a year was it?) but I've now plan on changing that now I have some free time now so expect me to finish updating the story soon!

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Many worlds are in Unbound Destiny. Both worlds old and new will return to the game. But unlike the games, Unbound Destiny will include more original worlds than Disney worlds. New original worlds so far include Dawn Town, Secret Crevasses, Crystal Glacier, and a level called "The World In Between", one of the final worlds. Other Worlds include the Heartless Planet, Fortress of the Divine, and the Divine Chaos Legion Headquarters which is the final world.


The story begins 2 years after Kingdom Hearts II. Sora, Riku, and Kairi on Destiny Islands. After that, Destiny Islands starts to dissapear. Sora, Kairi, and Riku are seperated. They tried to reach each other but they are being pulled away. They then get sucked into a different vortex.

The next part starts with King Mickey at Disney Castle. Him, Donald, and Goofy are shown in the courtyard. They start to talk about if they'll see Sora ever again. Then a giant hole appears above the castle. A bunch of Heartless appear and attack the castle. They tried to fight them but there's too many of them so everyone escapes and the castle dissapears in the darkness.

Next, we find the new main character in Dawn Town, where the Heartless and Nobodies are invading. Sole encounters the strange man who's behind the invasion. He tries to attack the stranger but the stranger counters and knocks Sole aside. Right before the stranger can finish Sole off, Haze protects him. The man summons a bunch of Heartless that attack Haze and start to consume his heart. Sole then gets up and tries to kill the Heartless but he can't. Then right before the Heartless kill Haze, a keyblade appears in Sole's hand. Then he fights and kills the Heartless and rescues Haze. Sadly, half of his body became a Heartless. Therefore, he became a Halfheart.

The next part shows Rain searching around a destroyed area of Dawn Town. She fights some Heartless along away. She then encounters the mysterious man and tries to battle him. But the man uses a special power to take away her heart. During this, her Nobody is form. He then places a Shadow Heart into her.

After all of this the mysterious man dissapears, leaving everyone in Dawn Town to suffer. Later, Rain mysteriously leaves the city and Haze and Sole try to follow her but she dissapeares completely. Sole becomes furious and then enters The Awakening just like in the other game. Here, he fights the Soul Banisher. Sole then returns back to Dawn Town.

The story then returns to Sora who has entered the Fragment of Memories area. Here, Sora goes through parts of his journeys from Kingdom Hearts to Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories, to Kingdom Hearts II. During this area, Roxas also appears, who as been recreated. The stort then goes through parts of Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days. After this, Sora is transported to Dawn Town where he encounters Sole the first time. Sora later finds King Mickey, Donald, and Goofy who were fighting a bunch of Heartless. After the happy reunition, they go looking for Riku.

They find Riku lying on the ground. They discover that his heart was taken by the Heartless but he still gets up as if his heart was still there. He says that someone "Gave him another heart" and so, he joins Sora and the others. They then leave Dawn Town and look for Kairi.

The story then follows Sora's story first.

Sora's Story

After finding Riku, Sora and the others head to Hollow Bastion and Meet up with the HBRC (Hollow Bastion Restoration Comittee) but things aren't going so easy for them since the Heartless, Nobodies, and Souless are almost in control of Hollow Bastion. After fighting a whole battlion of enemies, They get to the HBRC where they find them in grief. Cloud tells them that Leon died. But then a Nobody, Oxnust, appears. He attacks them and they fight him but he disappears but tells them a little about the Divine Chaos Legion. They then leave Hollow Bastion but they have to fight a Shadow Guard Armor first. They defeat it and leave.

They first head to their first world, Crystal Glacier. They land there and look around. They then head to Zero Cave where they find Nor, a man who lives in a village near by and has been having troubles with the Heartless, Nobodies, and Souless. They go to the village where they encounter Enox, a man who wants to destroy all the villages and control the glacier. They try to fight him but he summons some enemies to fight instead. They defeat them and follow him all the way to the Diamond Peak. He then summons a giant Heartless to fight and flees. They defeat and head down the glacier.

They then encounter Oxnust again. He blocks them off by creating a giant block of ice. He then summons a bunch of enemies to take them out. They defeat them and head back to the village which has been nearly destroyed by Enox already. They chase him down all the way to the Terminus where they finally fight him. They defeat him and everything returns to normal. They say goodbye to Nor and leave Crystal Glacier to venture other worlds. 

After Crystal Glacier, they head to 2 Disney worlds. Once they complete them, the next world is unlocked, Secret Crevasses, the world where the Divine Chaos Legion was first formed. Once there Sora and the gang meets another Divine Chaos Legion member, Snow. Sora and the others follow her into a cave but they were trapped and they must fight off a huge wave of Heartless. They venture more into the cave until they reach the lowest part of the cave. When they get to the lowest area, Sora and the others encounters Sora's Souless and member of the Divine Chaos Legion, Aros. Aros seals Donald, Goofy, Riku, and Mickey away and Sora is forced to fight Aros alone.

After defeating his Souless, Sora continues his pursuit of Snow and is rejoined by his team. Later, During the chase, Sora encounters Sole again. They are both after Snow but she dissapears before they can defeat her. They have a quick fight but they then continue on with their journeys. When coming back to the Gummi Ship, it dissapears. Sora and the others go looking for it. They then find it but it is being guarded by big Heartless. They then have a boss battle with the Heartless and eventually kill it. They finally leave Secret Crevasses and head off to other worlds.

They then go to a few more Disney worlds. The next level they go to is the Heartless Planet.Sora and the others come here to reclaim Disney Castle which was taken over by the Heartless and sent to the Heartless Planet. They explore the place but are under constant Heartless attack. They soon reach the area where all the worlds captured by the Heartless are kept. They restore Disney Castle and leave the world for now.

Once that's done they head to Disney Castle to destroy all the Heartless still in the world and to restore the Cornerstone of Light again. After they arrive there, they are easily stormed by Heartless. They quickly kill them and continue on. In the throne room, they encounter Noxaves. She planned on taking control of the castle and making it her own. So Sora and the others battle her and defeat her quickly. Once she is defeated, the castle is returned back to normal and is protected from the Heartless again. King Mickey decides that he should stay at the castle until the battle against Xandem. So now its just Sora, Riku, Donald, and Goofy.

They continue on to the next Disney world after they beat it. They then return to Hollow Bastion after a strange energy appears around it. They go there and find out that the place had been under heavy attack from the Souless, Nobodies, and Heartless. Here they encounter a mysterious keybearer. They have a quick fight with him but he leaves after the fight. He then summons a Souless to fight. They defeat it and continue to follow him until they get to the castle. They find him messing around with Ansem's computer they are about to attack him but he sends them to Space Paranoids.

In Space Paranoids, Sora and the others meet up with Tron after a while. Tron informs them that a virus had just appeared and is starting to destroy the world. They start searching for the virus. In the I/O Tower, they find the Virus but it quickly leaves and summons a bunch of Heartless. They defeat the Heartless and chase after the virus. They chase it all the way to The Core where it activates a firewall which actually is a giant Souless. They defeat it but the Virus has already infected the whole world. They leave and head back to the Communication Room. Tron tries to shut off the power source in order to stop the viruses from spreading. Sora and the others leave before Tron shut off the power.

They leave Hollow Bastion and head off to the next world. The next world actually is Destiny Islands. When they get to Destiny Islands, the island is surrounded by darkness and Sora and the others can't get out. Then a giant Souless appears. It reveals itself to be Dark Wise, the true Controller of the Soulless. He summons a bunch of Soulless to distract Sora while he heads to "The World in Between". They can't kill all the Soulless when a Divine Chaos Legion Member kills them all. He then opens a portal out of Destiny Islands. They head into it and then the DCL member destroys the whole dark force field around Destiny Islands. then all the Heartless, Nobodies, and Soulless head to the city near Destiny Islands.

The Portal leads Sora and the Others straight to the city. Now Sora and the others must fend off them while protecting the city. They defeat all of them but then the DCL member appears again and sucks Donald, Goofy, and Riku into it and imprisons Sora with the member. Here the member reveals himself to be Kin, Sora's long lost brother. Here Kin explains all the stuff that happened in the past and why Sora never knew about him. He then tells him how he became the second strongest of the Divine Chaos Legion. Furious, Sora decides to fight him and so they have a giant battle.

After the battle, Kin dissapears back to the DCL Headquarters. Sora becomes really exhausted and blacks out. He then wakes up back at Hollow Bastion. He then finds out that Donald, Goofy, and Riku dissapeared and now Sora is alone. He tries to search for them but fails. He then decides to head to Space Paranoids to see if Tron can help him locate them. When he gets there, he finds out that The viruses have completely taken over Space Paranoids. He finds Tron severely wounded at the Communication Room. Tron tells him that the Viruses were able to get into Hollow Bastion and took Donald, Goofy, and Riku. Tron gives Sora the Location and heads to the location, The Old Castle. There he must fight an continuing wave of Heartless and Souless and has to fight them off until he find the others.

Here later finds them and saves them but they are then confronted by Oxnust again. He then summons a Nobody to kill Sora and the others but they defeat it. They then chase after Oxnust, they finally corner him and fight him. They then finally kill him and he then reveals to them that they must head back to the other worlds in order to unlock the "Final Worlds". Sora, Donald, Goofy, and Riku then head off back to the other worlds.

After completing the other worlds, they then head back to Hollow Bastion to finally destroy the virus in Space paranoids. They head back there and destroy the virus, finally returning Hollow Bastion back to normal. Then Xandem appears and tells them to head to the Heartless Planet. They then head back there.

When they get there, they are confronted by another DCL member. But it turns out he's actually a Heartless named Rift and actually joined the Divine Chaos Legion in order to make the Heartless Planet a HQ for his own empire. Sora and the others fight him but Rift first turns them all into Heartless and in order to return back to normal is by simply defeating Rift. Rift then leaves and they chase after him. They find him and fight him. Once they defeat him he reveals to them that he has summoned the strongest Heartless to destroy all of the Heartless Planet along with Sora and the others. They head all the way to the Dark Crater where they find the Heartless, the Heartless King.

But they can't get to it because of its gigantic size. So Sora uses 4 crystals that Mickey gave to them before they left Disney Castle. They uses them and it makes them levitate and fly around so they head towards the Heartless King to defeat it. After the long battle,Sora and the others finally defeat the Heartless King. The Heartless Planet them collapses on itself and Sora heads off to the next world.

They then head to the Fortress of the Divine, the Divine Chaos Legion's main stronghold. When at the gates, they are confronted by Xandem yet again. Here he grants them access to the stronghold but first they must defeat the 1500 Heartless, Soulless, and Nobodies. Suddenly, 500 Heartless, 500 Nobodies, and 500 Soulless appear and so Sora and the others must fight them all. They soon defeat all of them and head into the stronghold.

Once in there, they are confronted by Sole. He tells  them that Kairi is in the stronghold and that Sora needs to save her quickly. So Sora and the others go searching for Kairi. After searching numerous rooms, Sora encounters Rift again. This time, he guards the room Kairi is located. He announces that he is currently making an "Artificial  Nobody" of her.

Sora becomes furious and decides to fight Rift. After the battle, Rift is badly injured (due to the effects of the keyblade because he is a Heartless) and quickly flees. Sora rushes to Kairi and destroys everything in the room but shortly, Xandem appears again and shoots some kind of beam at Kairi. Suddenly, there is a gaint earthquake and Xandem explains that even though Kairi's "Artificial Nobody" wasn't fully completed, he summoned an incomplete version of it as a desperate attempt to kill Sora and the others.

Sora tells everyone else to leave the fortress with Kairi as he heads into the next room to fight the "Artificial Incomplete" Nobody. He finds the room where the Nobody is residing and fights it. He beats her first form but then it transforms into a stronger but smaller second form. Fortunately, Mickey comes to his aid and both take on the new form and ultimately defeat it. After defeating it a portal opens and Xandem reappears and tells Sora that the portal leads to The World in Between, a world which connects the Fortress of the Divine to the Divine Headquarters where the rest of the Divine Chaos Legion are but only Sora can travel through it and must complete the route in order for everyone else to get through. King Mickey tells Sora good luck and Sora tells Mickey to protect everyone else while he's in The World in Between and goes through the portal into the second to last world.

He Sora fights his way through countless battles before he meets a mysterious girl. She is startled to see him and then gets attacked by Roxas. Sora is then surprised to see Roxas and asks how he ended up in The World in Between. Roxas tells him that it would become clear in due time. The mysterious girl then gets back up after being knocked unconsious and takes out a keyblade. Sora and Roxas have no other choice but to fight her.

After the fight, the girl reveals herself. She tells them that her name is Saiyuki and is on a mission to find "3 Keyblade wielders" that she needs to help her bring down the Souless and the DCL. Of course these 3 keyblade users are Sora, Roxas, and Sole. She then tells them that the leader of the Souless, Dark Wise is here. They decide to team up and decide to find Dark Wise.

They find Dark Wise at the other side of The World in Between. He then explains to them what Souless are and how he created them to combat the Heartless and Nobodies but things didn't turn out as expected. He also explains his hatred toward those who destroy the Souless and finally decides to fight them. So Sora, Saiyuki, and Roxas draw their keyblades and fight Dark Wise and put an end to the Souless for good.

After a lenghty battle, Dark Wise is defeated and tranforms into a dark orb which dissapears. The portal to the Divine Chaos Legion Headquarters opens and Sora alerts everyone to get over. Soon everyone arrives at the portal and they head through to finish the Divine Chaos Legion off.


Main Characters:'

  • Sora: A 17 year old boy who was chosen to be a keyblade master. He returns as one of the main characters in the story
  • Sole: A new character in the series. He's a keyblade master and lives in Dawn Town. After a mysterious man almost destroyed all of Dawn Town, Sole decides to fight and was given a keyblade (Kingdom Key, later Soul Searcher) to fight. His name could possibly a reference to the word "soul".
  • Haze: A 16 year old boy who's heart was partially consumed by the heartless. He was save by Sole and Haze became a Halfheart. Later on in the game, he becomes possessed by darkness and almost became a full heartless but was rescued soon after. He is part human and part heartless.
  • Rain: A girl who lived in Dawn Town before it was invaded. After the destruction, she leaves and becomes the Divine Chaos Legion and fights Sole and Haze. She uses 2 sword like weapons connected to a chain and her element is water, hence her name, Rain. She is the fourteenth member of the Divine Chaos Legion.


  • Roxas: Sora's Nobody. He appears briefly in the beginning of the story and then makes a full appearance near the end of Sora's story before the fight against Dark Wise.
  • Rikxu: Riku's Nobody. He is a member of the Divine Chaos Legion and is the third strongest member of the Divine Chaos Legion. Sole encounters him at Hollow's Point in The Divine Chaos Legion's Head Quarters before the battle against Xandem
  • Rixan: The Nobody of Rain. Sora encounters Rixan after saving Rain.
  • Xandem: The leader of the Divine Chaos Legion and one of the main antagonist in Unbound Destiny. He's the Nobody of Deman (reference to the word "demon"). He wields a sword on one hand and a claw in another.
  • Oxnust: A Nobody of a character named Notsu. He is the 7th strongest in the Divine Chaos Legion. Sora first encounters him in Hollow Bastion.

Other Characters:

  • Riku: One of Sora's friends. He got seperated from Sora at the beggining of Unbound Destiny. He arrives at Dawn Town where Sole mistakes him as "One of them" due to him looking like his Nobody, Rikxu who is a member of the Divine Chaos Legion.
  • Aros: A character who is actually a Souless of Sora. Sora fights Aros fights Sora with his Souless at the Secret Crevasses. He is one of the members of the Divine Chaos Legion.
  • Dark Wise: The controller of the Souless. He is infact is a giant human-looking Souless who's goal is to have the Souless defeat the Heartless and Nobodies but this then goes completely bad.
  • Kairi: One of Sora's friends. She got seperated from Sora at the beginning of Unbound Destiny. She then ends up at the Fortress of the Divine where she is captured and where the Divine Chaos Legion try to make an "Artificial Nobody" of her.
  • King Mickey: The King of Disney Castle. His Castle was attacked by the Heartless. Soon the castle was swallowed up and dissapeared into the darkness. Goofy, Donald, Mickey and everyone else escaped. Him, Donald, and Goofy later arrived at Dawn Town where soon they meet up again with Sora but first encounter Haze and Sole.
  • Cloud: Cloud returns in Unbound Destiny. He meets Sole at Hollow Bastion. He later finds Sora and tells him about Leon and how his heart was taken by the heartless.

Other Divine Chaos Legion Members

  • Kin: Kin is Sora's long lost brother. He dissapeared years before Sora was born. He is the second member of the Divine Chaos Legion. His weapon is a special sword and his power is lightning. Sora battles Kin twice in the story.
  • Storm: The forth member of the Divine Chaos Legion. He fights Sole back at the Fortress of the Divine where he was planning to destroy the whole Fortress. His weapon of choice it some sort of laser beam.
  • Rift: The fifth member of the divine Chaos Legion. He is a Heartless who actually formed "intelligence". He looks similar to a Shadow but is not a Shadow. Sora fights him twice but he doesn't die, he is killed By Xandem after he didn't accomplish his "mission". He doesn't have any weapons except his claws. His power is obviously darkness.
  • Snow: The eighth member of the Divine Chaos Legion. She is one of the "lower rank" members. She uses this ice spear as her weapon. She may not be tough, but she's hard to defeat bacause of her high defense. Sora encounters her in Secret Crevasses but is killed by Sole in the Fortress of the Divine.
  • Rexin: The tenth member of the Divine Chaos Legion. He is not fought in Sora's or Sole's story but instead is fought in Roxas' story. His weapons are these six orbs that have different elements (fire, ice, thunder, dark, earth, and air).
  • Riox: The eleventh member of the Divine Chaos Legion. He is fought in Twilight Town in the Roxas' story and in Hollow Bastion in Sole's Story. His weapon is the "Strikebow", a bow and arrows that he can launch at phenomenal speeds.
  • Noxaves: The twelveth member of the Divine Chaos Legion. She is battled at the Disney Castle after it is restored in Sora's story. She controls air and her weapons are special daggers. She is one of the weakest of the Divine Chaos Legion.
  • Axel: The thirteenth member of the Divine Chaos Legion. He was reincarnated when Roxas was reincarnated and joined the organization when he found out that Roxas was going to their headquarters in search of Xion (who was also reincarnated). He joins them before Roxas does but finds out that Roxas was actually plotting against them and therefore was forced to kill him. He encounters Roxas later and they fight. He still uses his chakrams as his weapon. He builds a ship to use as transportation but is armed aswell. Sole destroys the ship though when Axel tries to kidnap him.
  • Vortex: Vortex was the original second member of the Divine Chaos Legion. He joined Xandem and help create the organization. Whan Kin joined the organization and beat Vortex's score and took Vortex's rank which was second, he became furious and tried to kill all the other members. But he became exiled from the Divine Chaos Legion. He is encountered in Sole's story where he gets confused and thinks Sole is a member of the Divine Chaos Legion and so he fights him. Vortex doesn't have any weapons, he just uses his power.
  • Berzerk: The fifthteenth member of the Divine Chaos Legion. He is a keybearer and is fought in both Sora and Sole's stories. He was originally Xandem's apprentice but somehow dissapeared before the events of Unbound Destiny. He then reappeared and joined the Divine Chaos Legion but seems to have his intentions mainly on Xandem for revenge. He appeares to have no direct powers but he can summon Souless and has been shown to reveal people's true feelings with his keyblade.

More Members will be revealed later.


Unbound Destiny will include tons of enemies. A new type of enemy called Souless will be appear in the story They too have there own emblem symbolizing them. Other enemies will include Disney based enemies. A new organization called the Divine Chaos Legion, a group of people (mainly Nobodies) who want to destroy all the worlds and control all the Heartless, Nobodies, and Souless to help create a new world all to themselves to control. Many Boss Battles will be present in the game too. More Nobodies will appear in the game and so will Heartless

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