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Kingdom Hearts: Twin Evils is an upcoming fan-made story that centers around a Nobody named Maxis and his Heartless counterpart.


When Radiant Gardens was taken by the heartless very few residents survived. One of them was a young man named Sami, who held great anger and rage in his heart afterwords. After days of listening to a mysterious voice Sami surrenders his heart to darkness, creating both a heartless and a nobdy. The two halves fight each other throughout the worlds, each becoming more powerful with every battle.



After the fall of Radiant Garden, one of the survivors, Sami, keeps hearing voices in his head. The voice tempts him to do the unthinkable, surrender his heart to darkness.


Maxis: The Nobody of Sami. All he remembers of his prievious is the rage he had toward the Heartless.

Sami's Heartless: The Heartless born when Sami gave up his heart. He has retained a humanoid form and is extremely aggresive.

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