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Kingdom Hearts: The Keyblade War - The Complete Soundtrack is a multi-disk set of CD's containing every song from Kingdom Hearts: The Keyblade War. Featured on the CD's Boxart are the head and shoulders of Shadow, Dawn, and Void, a heart and two crossing Keyblades behind them. Each CD is decorated with promotional art for the game.

List of Songs

  1. Dearly Beloved
  2. Simple and Clean PLANITb Remix (Short Edit)
  3. One Afraid of His Own Shadow
  4. One Consumed by Shadows
  5. A New Dawn
  6. The Way to the Dawn
  7. Lost in the Void
  8. The Eternal Void
  9. The World United
  10. The Dream is Broken
  11. Hope
  12. Those That Hath Been Forsaken
  13. My Funny Friend and Me
  14. The Race to Royalty
  15. Part of Your World
  16. Under the Sea
  17. The Bells of Notre Dame
  18. Topsy Turvy
  19. Colors of the Wind
  20. Savages
  21. Colonel Hathi's March
  22. I Wanna be Like You


  • Each of Shadow, Dawn, and Void's character themes have references to their names within the title. The same holds true for the theme played during Forsaken boss battles.
  • The song Hope was once a piece composed and created by Troisnyxetienne. It was originally titled Reflets sur l'eau before being adapted into Kingdom Hearts: The Keyblade War's complete soundtrack.
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