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Kingdom Hearts: The Final Remnant
Kingudamu Hātsu: Za Fainaru Remunanto
Developer(s) Nippon Ichi
Genre RPG.
Game Modes Single Player
"Grand Theft Auto and Kingdom Hearts obviously don't match.


—The Final Remnant's TaglineThe Final Remnant is an experimental Kingdom Hearts game fused with Grand Theft Auto.

Ayano Katagiri Storyline

Her storyline is a Crossover between Kingdom Hearts and Halo.

Welcome Back

Ayano Katagiri Arives at Academy City in Neo-Midgard a universe of Kingdom Hearts under the Orbital Drop Shock Troopers as a new recruit and worked for under the Academy City Special Data Division (ACSDD). Her first task is to Raid Kingdom Hearts and sucessfully eliminate Maleficent as he is a primary threat for an unknown reason. Ayano joins the 10th division to eliminate Maleficent and her army of Heartless. She willingly participates and brings her riffle unto Reach along with the tenth division.

Kingdom Hearts here we go!


Vector Zero Storyline

His storyline is Kingdom Hearts only.

Family is Forever

After Ayano Katagiri accomplishes her final mission she returns to Academy City Special Data Division (ACSDD). Meanwhile, Vector Zero rushes to ACSDD and asks the receptionist information about his family. She declines him. He bursts into rage and starts searching for the Main computer to acess information about his family. Ayano chases him and attempts to stop him from acessing the main computer. Starting a chase around the ACSDD's Head Quarters.

Xin Storyline

Aftermath of the Holy Blade Order

The Holy Blade Order has been sucessfully defeated. Kate has left Kingdom Hearts to stay in Earth unaware that the Holy Blade Order was only a Sub Group of the Saint's Row. Ayano Katagiri alias Malevolence Crystalised the Leader of Saint's Row is Reincarnated After the death of their previous Don, Final Remnant. Xin a Capo of the Saint's Row is commanded to take twelve year old December Haruhi to The Saint's Row HQ. To become an Associate after the war at Kingdom Hearts. after this Xin is ambushed by the Angels of Death to weaken the Saint's Row, they fail as Xin takes cover from a Car at Saint Marco's Bistro under after this Ayano Command's Xin to assasinate their Sub Leader Albert Lawson, Xin kill's him causing Gang war with the Angels of Death MC.

Time to go!

"It's time to transfer..." Ayano said as she needed to leave for Kingdom Hearts via, Dimension change, she teleports to Kingdom Hearts, Leaving Xin in Liberty City


Final Remnant's Information

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