Kingdom Hearts: Skies of Deception
Kingudamuhātsu: Desepushon no sukaizu
Developer(s) Noblesse Oblige Studios
Genre RPG
Game Modes Story


Kingdom Hearts: Skies of Deception is the fourth title in the Unsungverse series of fanfictions created by Razgriz2K9. The saga takes place ten years after the events of the Unsung War, dealing with the theme of truth and deceit in a brutal conflict, in a setting set exclusively within the Realm of Twilight, a first in the series. The Main Theme of Skies of Deception is "Freedom" by Omega Bone.


Skies of Deception follows the story of Isabel Martínez, a thirty-six year old Felidian Keyblade Master who is embroiled in an invasion of her homeland, the Federal Republic of Santa Aurelia by the Democratic Republic of Alendaia and it's tyrranical dictator, Diego Navarro. The story begins on the crusp of Alendaia's victory and takeover of the Aurelian capital, Griswall. It now falls to Isabel and her direct allies, known as the "Gryphus" Team, to take back her country, but also to uncover a sinister plot to come. While Isabel serves as the primary protagonist, the plot is also driven by the deuteragonist, Luna Thermidor-Otsdarva, who returns from the Unsung War.



  • Like The Unsung War bringing reference to the story line of Ace Combat 5, also subtitled "The Unsung War". Skies of Deception references directly to the story of Ace Combat X: Skies of Deception.

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