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Kingdom Hearts: Renascentia
(Coming Soon)
Kingudamu Hātsu Teiruzu
Developer(s) Steven-Kun
Genre Action role-playing game
Game Modes Single player, multiplayer

Kingdom Hearts: Renascentia (キングダムハーツテイルズ, Kingudamu Hātsu Teiruzu; Literally meaning "Kingdom Hearts Rebirth") is a fanon addition to the Kingdom Hearts series created by Steven-Kun for the Playstation 3, Xbox 360, and the Wii U. The storyline of the game takes place a decade after the events of Kingdom Hearts III and the ending of the Xehanort Saga. Due to his dissappearance, Sora will not be the protagonist of the game but instead will be replaced by a new one.



Not long after the battle against Master Xehanort, Sora vanished mysteriously. Over the course of the following years, King Mickey, Riku, and the others rummaged the universe for him. After a decade the king reluctantly pronounced the heroic Keyblade wielder deceased. Saddened everyone was forced to give up and return home. Meanwhile, Sora became all but a forgotten memory as his friends longed for his unlikely return.

In the Dive to the Heart, a white-haired teenage boy drops down onto

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