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Kingdom Hearts: Memories of Light
Kingudamu Hātsu: Memorīzu Obu Raito
Developer(s) Kaimi Fundustries
Genre Action RPG
Game Modes Single player

Kingdom Hearts: Memories of Light is a story that centers on the origin of darkness.


At Trial Peaks, Saiki and Ura are training in the ways of the Keyblade under their master. During a lecture about about the conflict between light and darkness, Ura argues with Saiki and their teacher who consider destroying darkness the top priority, while Ura thinks that the two should co-exist together. Later that day, Ura encounters a strange person who asks her where he can find hearts, piquing her interest. The does not disclose any more information about his objectives and senses a weakness inside her, not exactly sure where it is located. Then the person suddenly turns into a large blot that merges with the girl who looses the memory of the encounter and faints. Saiki later finds her, brings her to the academy dorm, and cares for her for the next few days. After Ura wakes up, she comes to their master asking them about memories. The master then says that few characters have strong light within their hearts that allow the events from before the World's split to be redone faithfully so their worlds won't sink into the darkness by the change of events. The master is curious about Ura's sudden interest in memories, who says that she simply wants to learn. The next few days, the girl spends significant amount of time in the academy library researching hearts and memories. Some time later, Saiki catches Ura using darkness during her training and asks her about it, but the girl conjures a dark pillar and disappears into it without a word. Saiki then relays the events she has witnessed to their master when mysterious creatures attack the mountain. The two at first attempt to fight off the invasion, but as the enemy numbers quickly grow and darkness covers the world, the master takes Saiki to the academy hangar where they intend to board a ship and find Ura. Just as Saiki is to enter the ship, the master is suddenly overwhelmed by the creatures and instruct their student to find Master Yen Sid and tell him what happened and to follow his words. While Saiki is reluctant to board the ship alone, her master forces her into it with a light-based move, and the door close and the ship starts to automatically function taking her away from Trial Peaks as she watches in horror as her master is consumed by the darkness. Saiki then concludes that Ura has brought the strange creatures and darkness into their world and resolves to find her and make her atone for her actions.


  • Saiki. The protagonist of Kingdom Hearts: Memories of Light.
  • Mizrabel. A powerful witch who wishes to find all memoirs, regaining her powers, and exacting her revenge upon people of all worlds.
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