Kingdom Hearts: Marche au Supplice
Kingudamuhātsu: Tōmento no māketto
Developer(s) Noblesse Oblige Studios in collaboration with Vagrant Epochers Studios
Genre RPG
Game Modes Story


Kingdom Hearts: Marche au Supplice is the third title in the Kingdom Hearts: Unsungverse series. It is a fan-made RP storyline created by created by Razgriz 2K9. (under the name of Noblesse Oblige) It is to be set 200 years prior to the games and to Kingdom Hearts: The Unsung War Trilogy, and is the first to be set in a new section of the Realm of Light, and thus will feature new worlds to explore. The created by Razgriz 2K9. (under the name of Noblesse Oblige). The Main Theme for this RP is "Karma" by Bump of Chicken.


Marche au Supplice follows the story of Marie d'Anjou, a nineteen-year old Keyblade Wielder who is caught in the middle of a sucession war between two twin brothers. Along the journey she would encounter and assist many friends and allies, some who would join her permanent party as they seek to end the conflict and bring those responsible to justice.


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