• Playable protagonists
  1. Fulmen - A keyblade master who excels in dual-wielding and thunder powers. He is the one who let Lumina pass Mark of Exam test to become a Keyblade Master.
  2. Lumina - A Keyblade Master who is final and 13th Princess of heart, the last 13th guardian of Light. A very strict teacher who hones her students new abilities to fight Heartless.
  3. Umbra - A keyblade warrior who excels in darkness like Riku's.
  • Supporting characters
  1. Tho - An chieftain orc who is the keyblade warrior. His rival might be some others. He lives in snowy Daybreak Town, or Land of Departure.
  2. Nial - An elven Keyspellbade knight. She lives in snowy Twilight Town, Radiant Garden or Destiny Island.
  3. Aqua - This game has let her hair grow longer to waist-length.
  4. Kairi - redesign from KH3 wih long hair ponytail.
  5. Riku - Mentioned.
  6. Sora - Mentioned.
  • Disney Characters
  1. Mickey Mouse - A Keyblade Master.
  2. Goofy
  3. Donald Duck
  4. Elsa - A possible 8th Princess of Heart
  • Final Fantasy Characters
  1. Tina Branford -
  2. Paddra - the penultimate Princess of Heart.
  • Antagonists
  1. Sinecor - Ruthless darkmaster who lusts for Xehanort's power.
  2. Evil Priestess
  3. Master of Masters
  4. Young Xehanort
  5. Luxu
  • Final Fantasy Antagonists
  1. Sorceress Ultimecia
  2. Cloud of Darkness
  • Disney Antagonists
  1. Maleficent
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