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The Kingdom Hearts: Generations Soundtrack is a collection of songs from the manga & video game Kingdom Hearts: Generations. All the songs are mostly from hit bands such as Gorillaz, Skrillex, & Daft Punk.

Track Listing

Disc One:

1.) Simple & Clean (Kingdom Hearts)

2.) Destiny Islands (Kingdom Hearts)

3.) Treasured Memories (Kingdom Hearts)

4.) The Afternoon Streets (Kingdom Hearts)

5.) Working Together (Kingdom Hearts)

Disc Two:

6.) The 13th Reflection (Kingdom Hearts)

7.) Magicial Mystery (Kingdom Hearts)

8.) All Alone (Gorillaz)

9.) Equinox (Skrillex)

10.) The 13th Dilemma (Kingdom Hearts)

Disc Three:

11.) Voyager (Daft Punk)

12.) Latin Simone (Gorillaz)

13.) Stylo (Gorillaz)

14.) On The Precipice of Defeat (BLEACH)

15.) Another Side (Kingdom Hearts)

Disc Four: 

16.) Sunshine (Gorillaz)

17.) Double Bass (Gorillaz)

18.) Rockit (Gorillaz)

19.) White Flag (Gorillaz)

20.) Sweepstakes (Gorillaz)

Disc Five:

21.) Welcome to the World of the Plastic Beach (Gorillaz)

22.) Glitter Freeze (Gorillaz)

23.) Cloud of Unknowing (Gorillaz)

24.) Veridis Quo (Daft Punk)

25.) White Light (Gorillaz)

Disc Six:

26.) Pirate Jet (Gorillaz)

27.) Son of Flynn (Daft Punk)

28.) Derezzed (Daft Punk)

29.) Fall (Daft Punk)

30.) When the Sun Sets Down South (Black Legends of Jazz)

Disc Seven:

31.) Demon Days (Gorillaz)

32.) Rhinestone Eyes (Gorillaz)

33.) Crescendolls (Daft Punk)

34.) Aerodynamic (Daft Punk)

35.) Plastic Beach (Gorillaz)

Disc Eight:

36.) Revolving Doors (Gorillaz)

37.) Phoner To Arizona (Gorillaz)

38.) Broken (Gorillaz)

39.) Ghost Train (Gorillaz)

40.) Fiesta de Guerra (BLEACH)

Disc Nine:

41.) Last Living Souls (Gorillaz)

42.) Radiant Garden (Kingdom Hearts)

43.) Black Garden (Kingdom Hearts)

44.) Sacred Distance (Kingdom Hearts)

45.) Deep Drop (Kingdom Hearts)

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