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"We must begin a new...We must begin another...We must begin the next generation!"


Kingdom Hearts: Generations
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Kingudamuhātsu: Jenerēshonzu
Developer(s) Baransu17/Disney Press/Square-Enix
Genre Manga


Co-Op Game

Game Modes Single


Kingdom Hearts: Generations is a manga series created by Baransu17. This non-canon story takes places after Kingdom Hearts II which includes Sora, Riku, & Kairi protecting newly discovered worlds from the new Organization XIII which mysteriously popped out of nowhere.


Kingdom Hearts: Generations takes place a year after Kingdom Hearts II. Sora and his friends are sent by Master Yen-Sid to find twenty Keybladers who are descented to the most powerful Keyblade Grandmasters who ever lived. With the help of new Keyblader Baransu in order to prevent the new Organization XIII from getting towards their mysterious goal. Each member of Organization XIII will be wielding Keyblades of their own.


Destiny Islands:

Mysterious Tower:

Twilight Town:

Disney Castle:

Tower of Heaven:

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Soul Society/Karakura Town:

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Thunder Mesa:

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Water 7/Enies Lobby:

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Tokonosu City:

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Argon City:

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Central City:

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Beat City:

Land of Fire:

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Mars System:

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Valley of Peace;

Radiant Garden:

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The World That Never Was:

Organization XIII (KHG) Members

  • Member I: Xehanort (KHG); The complete being of Xemnas. Keyblade: Another No Name
  • Member II: Braig; The complete being of Xigbar. Keyblade: Fatal Crest
  • Member III: Isa; The complete being of Saix. Keyblade: Darkgnaw
  • Member IV: Rould (KHG); The complete being of Luxord. Keyblade: Rejection of Fate
  • Member V: Lumiara; The complete being of Marluxia. Keyblade: Ultima Darkness
  • Member VI: Elenar; The complete being of Larxene. Keyblade: Ultima Weapon (KHG)
  • Member VII: Zeref; Joined the Organization for its darkness and expanding his dark magic throughout the worlds. Keyblade: Keyblade of People's Hearts
  • Member VIII: Sosuke Aizen; Joined the Organization after escaping the Seiretei thanks to Braig. Keyblade: True Light's Flight
  • Member IX: Tobi; Joined the Organization after Pain was defeated by Naruto Uzumaki. Keybalde: Chaos Ripper
  • Member X: Earl de Darkwood; Joined the Organization in order to create the Darkwood Empire and control certain worlds thoughout Kingdom Hearts. Keyblade: Fates Aligned
  • Member XI: Rob Lucci; Joined the Organization in order to get the CP9 stronger than ever. Keyblade: Excalibur-Key to Avalon
  • Member XII: Robert Ravenswood; Joined the Organization to keep his world forever in eternal darkness. Keyblade: Path towards Nightfall
  • Member XIII: Father (KHG); Joined the Organization to create squads of Heartless & Nobodies to help him find the Philosopher's Stone. Keyblade: Arabian Knight
  • Member XIV: Esoj; Joined the Organization in order to get more power than ever before. Keyblade: Circuit Scanner
  • Member XV: Vicious; Joined the Organization so he may obtained immortality through the darkness. Keyblade: Fenrir
  • Member XVI: Koichi Shido; Joined the Organization so he can have the power to create armies of Heartless & Nobodies for him to command. Keyblade: Two Across
  • Member XVII: RayeJoined the Organization after leaving her home world during a terrible war. Raye blames many beings in the light for her runaway. Keyblade: Winner's Proof


List of Keyblades

The Next Generation Arc


The World That Never Was is now nothing more than a barren wasteland of tumbled buildings and trapped darkness. In the middle of the city showed the Castle That Never Was' (well what's left of it of course) only standing tower which held seventeen people inside it. The leader (preferred to as My Lord) was explaing about their plan of conquest is about to conmence but two opposed and were nearly choked to death for their outburst. One of the members (Koichi Shido) finded entertaining to see the members getting choked but one of them (Lumiara) begins to shows hatred towards Shido. My Lord ended the thought-to-be fight, this caused Lumiara to disagree his orders and called him Xemnas but My Lord told them that he's dead and reveals himself as "Xehanort".

Volume I: Rebirth of the Keyblade Warriors

Sora, Riku, and Kairi are at Destiny Islands watching the sunset from the Papou Tree explaining that today marks the first anniversary of them saving Kingdom Hearts from the Organization and their leader Xemnas. They were enjoying the rest of the evening 'till Kairi noticed a message in a bottle got washed up on shore and all three decided it who it's from. The letter came from King Mickey himself stating that some worlds are starting to appear once again after their mystertious disappearance during the final days of a deadly war and the Organization returned. He also stated that he needed to see them at the Mysterious Tower at once by taking the train at Twilight Town. After reading the letter, the three Keybladers made their decision and headed off to their destination. At Twilight Town, they're three hooded figures sitting at the clock tower with one of them holding a letter telling the others it's time and vanished like the wind. Hayner, Pence, and Olette were sitting at the Usual Spot getting ready to head out to the Super Struggle Super Festival 'till Sora, Riku, and Kairi came out of a portal behind Hayner and crashed into him to the floor. After getting up from the floor and greeted each other, Sora noticed a poster explaining about the upcoming festival which Pence talked to them about every piece of information he knows. This wanted Sora to go but Riku thought it otherwise, unfortunately for them the train station was closed for another hour or so. Eventually Sora, Riku, and Kairi decided to head off to the festival just to wait till the station opens again. During the festival Sora heard about a special challenge he wanted to participate in, but he didn't know that Seifer was in it. Just as Sora was just about to call it quits, Seifer took Kairi away from her friends and promise to let her go free if Sora and defeat him in the Struggle Challenge.

The Keyblade Mages Arc

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Lost Soul Arc

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Demon Days Arc

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The Keyblade Pirates Arc

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The Dead of the World Arc

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The Renegade Arc

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Alchemist Crisis Arc

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Space Music Arc

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The Shinobi's Code Arc

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The Bebop Experience Arc

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Mark of Mastery Games Arc

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All or Nothing Arc

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Voice Cast

The characters in the manga will also appear in the video game, Kingdom Hearts: Generations.

  • Haley Joel Osment-Sora
  • David Gallagher-Riku
  • Hayden Panettiere-Kairi
  • Jose Felix-Dracule D. Dario (Baransu), Axel Strife
  • Todd Haberkorn-Natsu Dragneel
  • Newman Pittman-Gray Fullbuster
  • Cherami Leigh-Lucy Heartfilla
  • Colleen Clinkenbeard-Erza Scarlet, Monkey D. Luffy
  • Johnny Yong Bosch-Ichigo Kurosaki
  • Michelle Ruff-Rukia Kuchiki
  • Grant George-Izuru Kira
  • Steve Staley-Toshirio Hitsugaya, Neji Hyuga
  • Maile Flanagan-Naruto Uzumaki
  • Yuri Lowenthal-Sasuke Uchiha
  • Stephanie Sheh-Hinata Hyuga, Orihime Inoue
  • Zachary Frietas-Takashi Komuro
  • Jessica Boone-Rei Miyamoto, Melanie Ravenswood
  • Taylor Hannah-Saeko Busujima
  • Brittney Karbowski-Alice Maresato
  • Crispin Freeman-Arpegius
  • Romanthony-Octave
  • Taylor Julie Ann-Stella
  • Quinton Flynn-Lea
  • John Payne-Baryl
  • Steven Blum-Shep
  • Christopher Lloyd-Earl de Darkwood
  • Elijah Wood-Beck
  • Benjamin Diskin-Xehanort, Sai
  • James Patrick Stuart-Braig
  • Kirk Thornton-Isa
  • Ryan O' Donohue-Emdy
  • Robin Atkin Downes-Rould
  • Keith Ferguson-Luminara, Zeref
  • Shanelle Gray-Elenar
  • Terri Doty-Raye
  • Max Everett-Esoj
  • Alec Baldwin-Robert Ravenswood

More characters coming soon...


  • This will be the first fan-made Kingdom Hearts series in the wikia to introduce Highschool of the Dead, Cowboy Bebop, Interstella 5555, Phantom Manor, One Piece, TRON: Uprising, and Fairy Tail.
  • Xehanort will appear in his younger form from Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance & will be sporting a new Keyblade.
  • There will be references from different shows and games such as Doctor WhoAssassin's Creed, & Tekken.
  • There will be a spin-off series that'll take place after the first half and during Kingdom Hearts: Generations which focuses on a different character other than the main characters themselves.

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