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Kingdom Hearts: Forever is the upcoming Fan Comic Made by Harold Roxby on his account at

how it Started. . .

It all started in the First episode of the first season "Kim's Child" where the royal Guerilla Max Goof carries the unconscious 18-year old Kim Possible to Ortensia's Mental Institute In the Disney Castle, then Ortensia with a help from Oswald gave the unconscious the mechanichal surgery, and after that when Kim woke up she, Oswald and Ortensia introduced each other. When she asked who beaten her up, Kim answered that it was the Middleton Police who along with her mom accused her for the Murder she didn't Commit and also told Ortensia that it was not her who killed Dr. James T. Possible, Rufus the naked Molerat, Ron Stoppable and Ron's Parents before she got expulsed from Middleton, but it was Nevel and Deathiko.

Chapters (Episodes)

Chapters will come later, I promise.

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