Many minor cameos are featured in Kingdom Hearts: Blooms of Chaos, which are characters that aren't important to the storyline and do not get a journal entry.


The cameos for Wonderland are mostly more obscure characters from the original books.

The Duck, The Lory, The Eaglet, and The Mouse

The Duck, The Lory, The Eaglet, and The Mouse, who first appeared in the Caucus race in Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, reappear in the White Queen's Castle, living in one of the many rooms together with the Dodo. They're larger than their initial size in the book, each being at least up to Alice's knee, although none of them match their comrade, the Dodo's stature. Their room consists of a large bed, which they all presumably sleep on, a rug next to the hearth, and a portrait of a racetrack (an allusion to the Caucus race) hanging ont he wall. After the Jabberwock is defeated, the door to their room is unlocked, allowing you access.

The Mock Turtle

The Mock Turtle, who told Alice of his sad story in Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, now lives in the White Queen's castle, next door to his friend the Gryphon. He has the head of a cow, and the body of a sea turtle, which is the cause of his sorrow, as he wishes to be a "real" turtle once more. His room is aquatic themed, complete with a squishy water bed and fish-styled wallpaper. Many of the pictures hanging on his wall are of him during his school years. He is depicted as doing the Lobster Quadrille and shaking the hand of his professor, Tortoise.

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