Kingdom Hearts: Blood and Iron
キングダムハーツ: 血と鉄
Kingudamu Hātsu: Chi to tetsu
Developer(s) Project Unsung
Genre Action RPG (Fan Fic)
Game Modes Story

Multiplayer Co-Op
Multiplayer Versus

Kingdom Hearts: Blood and Iron, is a fan fic set in the Kingdom Hearts Unsungverse. The Main Theme is "Blue Skies" by Stephanie Cooke.


The story of Kingdom Hearts: Blood and Iron follows the story of Cecile Losvaize , the daughter of a Keyblade Master who fought during the Great Lucidian War and later the Lucidian Revolutions. Through her eyes we will come to see the events that lead up to the unification of the Lucidian Kingdoms under the Kingdom of Walkure.



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