Kingdom Hearts: Beyond the Dimension

After the events in Dream Drop Distance; Sora, Riku, & Kairi were summoned by Yen Sid at Mysterious Tower. There, he informed them that there were strange energy coming from their home, Destiny Island. He originally wanted to send King Mickey there, but a strange force prevents him from entering. And by the behavior of it, only those that lived in that area can freely enter & leave that world. So the three Keybladers sent there to investigate. When they got there, they saw someone in a black hood (like what Organization XIII wears) enter the special place (the cave where Destiny Island's keyhole was originally in). When they went after him inside, they were engulf by darkness & lost consciousness. When they woke up, they saw they were in a dark area filled with stations of the 7 Princesses of Light (Like the one in the Beginning of Kingdom Hearts I & Re:coded). Then, the black hooded man greeted them in a voice which sound like hearing Yen Sid & Young Xehanort speaking both at once. He said, "Welcome. My name is Shoxjua. I was waiting for you two, Sora & Riku. But I afraid I don't know your other friend's name". After learning Kairi's name, Shoxjua put them in a series of trials that act as the tutorial of the story. After that, he summons a giant Spirit Dream Eater that acts as a "Tutorial Boss". After defeating it, a light engulfs & then they were at they special place. But there, they saw the Keyhole, not lock. Then Shoxjua appears again & explains that they have been sent back in time, exactly half a year before the start of Kingdom Hearts I. Before they can ask why, the man sent them through a portal that would send them to  a world beyond expectations & start a long journey of turns and events.

Time Setting

Between Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance and Kingdom Hearts III.


1. Land of Stations ("Original Work")

2. Land of Mystic Beasts (Pokemon & Pokemon Ranger)

3. The Luminous Manor (Chronicles of the Wings)

4. Datascape Rails (Digimon Frontier)

5. Treasure Town (Pokemon Mystery Dungeon - Explorers of Sky)

6. Land of Archaeology (Dinosaur King)

7. Land of Yokai (Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan)

8. Region of Magic (Fairy Tail)

9. Land of Detectives (Detective Conan, Kindaichi Case Files, Detective Academy Q, & CLAMP School Detectives)

10. Constallia (Metalfight Beyblade)

11. Sea of Hyrule (Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker)

12. Amberground (Letter Bee)

13. Symphony of Rhythm (Rhythm Thief)

14. Land of Kudan (Chronicles of the Wings)

15. Yuán Chǎn Liè Jiǔ [Country of Spirits] (Chronicles of the Wings)

16. Radiant Spring (Radiant Historia)

17. Keyblade Graveyard (Original)

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